Related regulations

Related regulations

Vietnamese Regulations
  • The Law on Independent Audit (No.67/2011/QH12): This Law regulates the principles, conditions, scopes, and forms of independent audit activities; the rights and obligations of practicing auditors, auditing firms, branches of foreign auditing firms in Vietnam and the units that are audited. (Click here for more details)
  • Decree on Independent Audit (No.17/2012/NĐ-CP): This Decree details and guides the implementation of a number of articles of the Law on independent audit on audit professional organizations; audit firms; providing audit services across the border; audited entities; audit reports and archiving, use and destruction of audit dossiers. (Click here for more details)
  • Decree on penalties for administrative violations in the fields of accounting and independent audit (No. 41/2018/NĐ-CP): The Decree provides for administrative violations, time limit for penalty impositions, penalties, fines, remedial measures, competence to record and impose penalties for administrative violations in the fields of accounting and independent audit regulated by this Decree. (Click here for more details)
  • Audit service quality control (No.43/VBHN-BTC): This Circular defines the organization and implementation of quality control of audit service, financial report and information examination service, and other assurance services as stipulated in Paragraph 1, Article 40 of the Law on Independent Audits (hereinafter referred to as the audit services) undertaken by certified auditors, auditing enterprises and branches of foreign auditing enterprises in Vietnam. (Click here for more details)
  • Code of ethics (No. 70/2015/TT-BTC): This Circular provides Code of ethics for professional accountants and auditors. (Click here for more details)
Vietnamese Standards on Auditing

The Vietnamese Auditing Standards System prescribes and guides the application of the objectives and fundamentals of financial statement audit. This Standard system applies to the independent auditor of financial statements and is applicable to the audit of other financial information and related services of the auditing company.

VSA 210: Audit contract 
VSA 220: Quality control for audit work
VSA 240: Fraud and error
VSA 250: Consideration of laws and regulations in an audit of financial statements
VSA 260: The Auditor's Communication with Those Charged with Governance
VSA 300: Planning
VSA 310: Knowledge of the business
VSA 320: Audit materiality
VSA 330: The Auditor's Procedures in Response to Assessed Risks
VSA 400: Risk assessments and internal control
VSA 401: Auditing in computer information systems
VSA 402: Audit considerations relating to entities using service organizations
VSA 500: Audit evidence
VSA 501: Audit evidence - additional consideration for specific items
VSA 505: External Confirmations
VSA 510: Initial engagements - opening balances
VSA 520: Analytical review procedures
VSA 530: Audit sampling and other selective testing
VSA 540: Audit of accounting estimates
VSA 545: Auditing Fair Value Measurements and Disclosures
VSA 550: Related parties
VSA 560: Events after balance sheet date
VSA 570: Going concern
VSA 580: Management presentation
VSA 600: Using the work of another auditor
VSA 610: Using the work of an internal auditor
VSA 620: Using the work of an expert
VSA 710: Comparatives
VSA 720: Other information in documents containing audited financial statements
VSA 800: The auditor's report on special purpose audits
VSA 910: Engagements to review financial statements
VSA 920: Examination of financial information using agreed-upon procedures
VSA 930: Engagements to compile financial statements
VSA 1000: Audit the finalized report of construction contract

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International Standards on Auditing
International Audit Standards and related guiding documents can be read and downloaded here
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