Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

We take Corporate Social Responsibility seriously at Crowe Vietnam. Our values “Caring – Sharing – Investing – Growing” are part of everything we do for our People, our Clients and our Environment.

Our People

We value our staff and always endeavor to provide them with opportunities of making full use of expertise and pursuing career development. We organize training courses regularly to enhance the professional standards of our staff in order to ensure they can meet the ever-changing market demands and challenges. We also maintain communication and strengthen our relationship through different staff activities.

Our Clients

We use our professional knowledge and experience to help and support the development of our clients by offering them training services. We also offer professional services to a number of Not-for-profit organizations.

Our Environment

As a responsible and caring global citizen, we aim at minimizing the harmful impact on the environment in our business operation. To raise our staff’s environmental awareness, we promote less paper printing, waste recycling, and participate in a number of green activities like Earth hour. We always encourage our staff to take action for environmental protection.