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Customs Audit Assistance and Dispute Resolution

Taxpayers may be audited or investigated by the Customs authorities relating to SST, import duties, GST or other indirect taxes. If your company has been so selected, we can act as your adviser to assist you throughout the exercise. Our prompt involvement in such audits can help in managing unfavorable audit results and unnecessary penalties.  


If your company has received the results of such audits or investigations from the Customs authorities together with a tax liability to be paid, we can review your case and advise you on the next course of action. In such instances, it is important to note that any appeal against the tax liabilities imposed or unfavorable audit results has a deadline for response.


Our dispute resolution expertise includes being able to make appeals to the Customs authorities or at a tribunal. We are well positioned to do so due to the legal background of our tax partner in charge of indirect tax.

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