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Internal Audit

Internal audit is an important corporate function to deter corporate fraud and to assess whether company policies and procedures are being followed. Internal audit is a mandatory requirement for all companies listed on the Bursa Malaysia (Malaysian Stock Exchange). Such audits can be conducted in-house or outsourced to a firm such as Crowe Malaysia.

In some cases, internal audit may be co-sourced where both the company’s own internal audit team and Crowe Malaysia work collaboratively to perform internal audits so as to leverage off Crowe Malaysia’s deep expertise. 

In undertaking internal audit work, Crowe Malaysia uses Computer Aided Audit Tools (CAATs) as part of its toolkit, where required, to examine electronic transactions in a more detailed and comprehensive manner because in today’s environment, transactions are numerous and IT is pervasive.

As auditors to many listed companies in Malaysia and surrounding countries, Crowe Malaysia is well positioned to conduct internal audits for all sizes of companies in various industries.  

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