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  • 我们能够替您与Crowe中国(瑞华)联系起来,它是中国最大的会计事务所和咨询公司之一。
  • 我们是亚太区第五大会计网络,也是全球最大的会计网络之一。
  • 我们在全球拥有一个由口操流利中文的同事所组成的全球中国业务组网络,并能够在文化的角度上了解中国企业的需求。

We understand how important relationships are to Chinese businesses.

With the positioning of China as one of the three largest overseas investors in the world today, the globalization of Chinese enterprises has been an inevitable trend. Its economic growth can be seen in the fact that nearly one quarter of the Fortune 500 companies are Chinese owned.

China Inbound Services

We are ready to become your trusted advisor in easing the complexity of doing business as you grow your opportunities beyond China. Our internationally focused teams have extensive expertise in cross-border transactions and our dedicated local language professionals are ever ready to help establish your business. 

Talk to us about your business aspirations - we have the lingual and cultural capability to support your investing enterprises in the areas of inbound investment advisory, outsourced services, audit, tax, corporate advisory and risk consulting.


China Outbound Services

Alternatively, if you are looking to advance your horizons into China, we are uniquely qualified to do this for a few reasons:

  • We are able to connect you to Crowe China (Ruihua), one of the largest accounting and consultancy firms in China.
  • We are the fifth largest accounting network in Asia Pacific, and one of the largest globally.
  • We have a comprehensive China Desk network of Mandarin-speaking colleagues around the world, culturally attuned to the needs of Chinese businesses.

重启马来西亚“一带一路”  倡议之增长引擎

Restarting Malaysia’s engine in the Belt and Road Initiative

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Foo Meng Huei
Meng Huei Foo
Location: Kuala Lumpur
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Kit Seong Chin
Location:  Kuala Lumpur