Crowe Malaysia PLT teams up with Crowe (HK) CPA Limited for Successful Listing


Having started 2019 with 3 successful listings on Bursa Malaysia, Crowe Malaysia PLT has added one more feather to its cap across the ocean with the successful listing of JBB Builders International Limited (“JBB”) on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (“HKEX”) on May 10, 2019.

JBB Builders manages & executes marine construction projects, including land reclamation, transportation of marine sand, property construction and infrastructure works.  

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Congratulations to JBB Builders on its successful listing - our very best wishes for a very bright future ahead.

Working closely with Kenneth Lau, partner of Crowe (HK) CPA Ltd, Crowe Malaysia PLT’s audit partner Yew Peng Piong demonstrated once again the importance of teamwork and working together for the benefit of our clients. JBB is the second listing on the HKEX that Crowe Malaysia PLT has worked together with Crowe Hong Kong on.