Strategy of The Growth Engineers

Jennifer Jacobs

When people think of Crowe Horwath, they usually think of tax consultants. Basically, men (or women) in suits, meticulously going through your company’s accounts to make sure you are compliant with the latest tax regime. 

But the company has undergone a change in direction globally, moving from only statutory-bound work — such as tax-related services and auditing — to more consulting work. Its name has been shortened to Crowe and its tag line reads: Smart decisions. Lasting value. 

Crowe Malaysia managing partner Poon Yew Hoe says while tax consulting is still a good profession, there is a demand in the market for growth strategy consulting. “That is really what our clients would want in the future. Audit and tax compliance is very statutory now. Clients require that service because the law says they have to do an audit or file a tax return whereas in the future, people would want more services that add value to their businesses.” 

Growth strategy consulting includes helping clients make the right decisions. So, Crowe Global has come out with the Smart Decision Index (SDI, a booklet of more than 40 pages) to help its clients do just that, says Poon. Read more >>>