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Crowe Malaysia Heads the Charge on IPO Reporting with 4 Listings as of 29 Feb 2024

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

As of 29 February 2024, Bursa Malaysia has achieved six successful IPO listings, with Crowe Malaysia emerging as the preferred reporting accountant for four of these high-profile companies. This positions Crowe at the forefront of the Malaysian accounting landscape, showcasing its expertise in facilitating successful Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).
The notable listings for which Crowe Malaysia served as the reporting accountant include:


Strong Start to 2024 IPOs

In 2023, Bursa Malaysia witnessed a total of 32 listings and this momentum is set to continue with an ambitious target of 42 projected listings for the current year. Crowe Malaysia is actively contributing to this growth by supporting companies as their lead reporting accountant in the first quarter of 2024.

"We are proud to have played a pivotal role in our clients’ IPO journey,” says Lee Kok Wai, Managing Partner of Crowe Malaysia. “Our strong presence in the entrepreneurial-led market has continued to position us as the reporting accountant of choice for businesses seeking to go public, and we are anticipating more IPO successes in 2024."

Looking ahead

As Bursa Malaysia continues its pursuit of increased listings in 2024, Crowe Malaysia remains committed to supporting companies in their IPO endeavors. The firm's proven track record and comprehensive services make it an invaluable partner for businesses aiming for a successful public listing.

Crowe Malaysia's Head of Audit, Chin Kit Seong, states, “As one of the top accounting firms with the most number of IPOs since 2015, we remain committed to delivering exceptional service to our clients throughout the IPO process. Our focus on client service and compliance ensures that our clients can confidently navigate the complexities of debuting on Bursa Malaysia.”

Crowe Malaysia's Role in Your IPO Journey

If you are considering the IPO route for your company, our team of experienced professionals is ready to provide comprehensive support throughout the IPO process, including:

Financial Reporting & Assurance: Ensuring your financial statements meet regulatory requirements and provide transparency to potential investors.

Technical Expertise: Guiding you through the complex IPO process and regulations.

Industry Knowledge: Leveraging our deep understanding of diverse sectors to tailor solutions for your specific needs.

We are committed to helping companies achieve their full potential and unlock the benefits of a public listing. Discover the growth potential and elevate your business to new heights by reaching out to us today!

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