IFRS Application Service

With this service, we will support clients to apply IFRS in the most efficient way in terms of time, effort and costs.

  • Developing a process to convert data from Vietnamese Accounting Standards to International Accounting Standards (IFRS) in compliance with IFRS 1 – First-time Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Building a new account system and financial statement preparation process in accordance with IFRS.
  • Reorganizing the process of processing and gathering data from all relevant departments, as well as clearly define the relevant responsibilities of those departments in coordinating with the accounting department.
  • Reorganizing the personnel from Accounting-Finance to ensure that the job positions are suitable for the new requirements.
  • Upgrading Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to meet higher requirements of IFRS.
  • Upgrading the database for the measurement and valuation of items in the financial statements according to the guidance of IFRS.
  • Training the IFRS for corporate personnel.
  • Adjusting the terms of economic contracts with business partners to match the relevant requirements of IFRS.
  • Anticipating negative effects (if any) on financial ratios when converted to IFRS so that appropriate response plans can soon be done.

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