IFRS Report Conversion Service

We will assist clients:

(1) provides the financial statements converted to IFRS for the Consolidated Financial Statements purpose

(2) data conversion of the first year of application of International Accounting Standards (IFRS)

In particular, we will perform the following specific tasks

  • Compare and identify differences between VAS and IFRS and plan for the conversion.
  • Develop a template of Financial Statements according to IFRS suitable to the characteristics of the business.
  • Develop a detailed account system to serve the preparation of Financial Statements in accordance with IFRS.
  • Identify entries to convert data from the VAS accounting system to the IFRS accounting system.
  • Prepare data on the Financial Statements and complete the corresponding notes.
  • Review and re-check the reasonableness of the data, also the compliance with the presentation and disclosure of information in the financial statements -> then Complete.

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