Investment Advisory

Investment Advisory

For foreign investors to invest in Vietnam: we can help the following matters:

  • Preparing and assessing the feasibility of investment projects: Type of risks? Rate of return? Cashflow? Size of market and investment? Equity restriction?
  • Investment Incentive Policies: How to apply for the best incentives?
  • What is the best investment model/form?
  • Business/ Investment Licensing
  • Legal Representative Registration
  • Banking procedures, capital transfer, exchange rates
  • Visa application, working permit for foreigners
  • Regulation compliance for accounting, tax, and audit
  • Payroll for staff and Personal Income Tax
  • Rent/ Buy Offices, warehouses, factories
  • Construction of warehouse and factories
  • Recruitment and training
  • Corporate Secretary, Office Admin, HR Admin
  • Find suppliers and business partners
  • Legal compliance for some typical types of business
  • Others

Basing on specific requests from the investors, we will explain and suggest proper solutions to investors for their consideration and approval. We have professional teams and wide networks of business partners that will help foreign investors to solve all the above matters nicely. Accordingly, there will be matters that our teams will handle directly and matters that we will introduce our reliable business partners to the investors.

For investors to invest abroad (outside Vietnam): We will help to connect the investors with the right Crowe members of our Global Network and accompany the investors in their journey to support them at our best.

For further information regarding investment in Vietnam: See our publication “Doing Business in Vietnam” here

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