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Feasibility Studies

With this service, we can help to advise and support the client in building or assessing the client’s business strategy. Accordingly, our detailed works are as follow:

  • Set up suitable financial models and methodologies for assessment of the project
  • Select and measure parameters of the models basing on reliable sources of information, such as types of expenses and revenues, annual growth, discount rates, years of operation, size of initial investment, size of the market, market trends,….
  • Identify and determine criteria that are suitable for assessing the feasibility of the projects.
  • Identify all possible scenarios with different levels of risks and accordingly determine the results of financial feasibility for each scenario.

With comprehensive and reliable results of the feasibility study, the clients will have a better vision about the project, therefore, feel more secure in deciding whether to invest or not or how much the investment size and risks should be. In addition, the study results will facilitate the clients to persuade their investors and lenders.

We strongly believe that our senior advisory teams, with their profound knowledge and experience, will deliver useful advice and supports to the clients.

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