Corporate Restructuring Advisory

Corporate Restructuring Advisory

With this service, we can help to advise and support the client in building or assessing the client’s business strategy. Accordingly, our detailed works are as follow:

  • Support the client in analyzing and selecting the most suitable orientations for business restructuring; or support in developing the detailed plan for business restructuring, basing on the selected orientation. The detailed plan will then be used to communicate with the related departments of the company.
  • Provide independent and objective opinions on the client’s business restructuring plan for better adjustments.
  • Support the client to implement the restructuring plans
  • Support the client to assess the implementation of the business restructuring plans and provide recommendations for necessary and timely adjustments.

In doing business, owing to significant changes or fluctuations in business factors (such as market trends, competitors, advances in science and technology, internal resources, organizational structures of the company…), companies may have to restructure their business / organization to survive and develop in new normality.

However, restructuring work is hardly easy and simple, therefore, we wish to release our clients’ stress by this service. We strongly believe that our senior advisory teams, with their profound knowledge and experience, will deliver useful advice and supports to the clients.

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