Skills and tools useful for accountants


The basic skills needed by accountants nowadays:

  • High professional qualifications
  • Basic informatics knowledge: Microsoft Office, accounting software, tax declaration software
  • Foreign language ability
  • Good thinking ability
  • Careful and accurate
  • Integrity
  • Working under the pressure
  • Time management skills
  • Good communication, skillful behavior

In addition to the above basic informatics knowledge, accountants need to equip themselves with work management tools to improve productivity at work:

  • Checklist with Microsoft To Do: Support to list checklists to do for each job, each different project and mark the completed projects. This is free software provided by Microsoft.
  • Microsoft Planner - Simple job management application: use "board" to manage tasks. Each board is seen as a work project, in each project there will be cards corresponding to each individual. Individuals can chat, post pictures to exchange work. The advantage of Microsoft Planner is to allow integration with other Microsoft services such as Office 365 Groups, Outlook 2016, OneNote application... Users can easily share Word, Excel or PowerPoint files. Planner works on many devices such as computers, phones, tablets. When there are new tasks, the Planner will send you notifications or email.
  • Microsoft OneNote software: The main function of this software is to allow the collection of user notes in the form of handwriting or typing, drawings, audio data or images, creating notes and allows users to share their notes on the Internet. The software possesses many specific features for creating notes.
  • Schedule work with Google Calendar: Google Calendar is a free calendar management software that helps you organize your work, schedule and remind daily tasks. What makes Google Calendar so special is its ability to connect to Gmail and manage tasks from everyday small personal tasks to managing tasks for businesses.
  • Job progress management with Taiga: You can assign tasks to employees and manage work progress through Taiga. This is a free schedule management software, suitable for managing projects with many stages of implementation. Taiga allows many people to participate in a project to help them feedback, interact with each other.
  • Facework Vietnamese job management software: Facework software can be used for individuals or businesses. Help manage your work effectively and help you follow the proposed plan.