Perfomance of accounting functions


Currently, Accounting Law No. 88/2015 / QH13 of the National Assembly, decrees of the Government and circulars of the Ministry of Finance have specified the basic contents related to the organization of the accounting work in the enterprise as follows:

Organization of the accounting work:

The organization of the accounting work is the arrangement and assignment of work for each accountant and the organization of the flow of documents in the accounting department of the enterprise. A well-organized accounting system will help the administrative procedures of enterprises operate effectively. The selection of a scientific and appropriate organizational form of accounting system will reduce the accounting workload, save costs, and improve the efficiency of production and business. This helps the organization of the accounting work to fully implement the functions and duties of accounting, thereby promoting the role of accounting in economic and financial management of enterprises. According to the current regulations, enterprises must arrange accountants to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Law on Accounting, the number of accountants depends on the scale of operations, management requirements, functions and duties or payroll of the unit.

Organizing the system of accounting vouchers:

Organizing the accounting voucher system is issuing, recording vouchers, checking, rotating and storing all types of accounting vouchers used in enterprises, to ensure the accuracy of information, check that information in service of bookkeeping and general accounting. As a rule, when there are economic and financial operations related to their activities, enterprises must organize to make accounting vouchers. Accounting vouchers are only made once for each economic and financial operation. Accounting vouchers are original documents that have evidence, legality and are important information in the accounting work of enterprises. An accounting voucher must contain basic contents in accordance with the Law on Accounting.

Organizing the accounting book system:

Accounting books are used to record, systemize and store all arising economic and financial transactions related to the accounting unit. Enterprises must comply with general regulations on opening and recording accounting books; error correction; close accounting books; archiving and preserving accounting books; handling violations. Enterprises must close their accounting books at the end of an accounting period before making financial statements and other cases of closing accounting books as prescribed by law.

Organizing the chart of accounting accounts:

According to the Accounting Law, accounting accounts are used to classify and systemize economic and financial transactions according to economic contents. The chart of accounting account includes the accounting accounts that need to be used. Each accounting unit is only allowed to use one chart of accounting account for financial accounting purposes as prescribed by the Ministry of Finance. In order to comply with regulations, enterprises need to know clearly the regulations in the circulars regulating the enterprise accounting regime of the Ministry of Finance such as Circular No. 200/2014 / TT-BTC, Circular No. 133/2016 / TT -BTC, Circular No. 132/2018 / TT-BTC.

Preparing and analyzing accounting reports:

The State has unified regulations on the content, method, time of preparation and submission of periodic accounting reports, which are financial statements, providing information for interested subjects to use accounting information for different purposes to make suitable decisions. The enterprise's financial statements include: Report on financial situation; report on results of activities; statements of cash flows; Notes to financial reports as prescribed by law. In addition to the financial statements, the accounting reporting system of enterprises also includes management accounting reports, which are not mandatory, in order to provide information to serve the requirements of internal management of the company. Therefore, the content, presentation form, reporting period are regulated according to the management requirements in each enterprise.

Organization of accounting inspection:

Accounting checks are aimed at ensuring the correct implementation of current accounting methods and regimes; Organize the work of directing the accounting work at enterprises to ensure the correct implementation of the role of accounting in economic and financial management. Accounting inspection will enhance the correctness, reasonableness and objectivity of the accounting information provided.

Application of information processing technology in accounting work:

The application of information technology in the accounting work of enterprises not only solves the problem of processing and providing information quickly and smoothly, but it also increases the productivity of the accounting work, creating the basis for improving the efficiency of the accounting work. Currently, most businesses have their own accounting software to serve the accounting work in enterprises. The accounting software used must be consistent with the current accounting regime, designed in accordance with the characteristics of production and business activities of the enterprise.


In order to improve the efficiency of accounting work, enterprises need to pay special attention to the following contents:

Regarding the organization of the accounting system:

Currently, in enterprises, the organization of accounting work can be conducted in one of three forms: Organize the centralized accounting system; Organize the distributed accounting system and Organize the mixed accounting system (both centralized and distributed). Normally, the organization of the accounting system needs to comply with the following basic principles: To match the requirements and professional qualifications of managers and accountants; Compact, reasonable, capable and efficient; In accordance with the characteristics and conditions of production and business organization, the operating conditions of enterprises on the basis of decentralized organization and clearly assignment of the tasks of performing accounting operations for each accountant.

Regarding the accounting voucher system:

Currently, the current accounting voucher system is regulated by the Ministry of Finance, enterprises can design accounting vouchers by themselves, but must ensure the main contents to receive and provide accounting information. At the same time, the form of accounting vouchers is consistent with the characteristics of business operations, ensuring clarity, transparency, easy inspection and control. It is necessary to build a simple and clear voucher system in accordance with the provisions of the accounting regime, in addition, the criteria reflected in the vouchers must reflect the internal management requirements. All accounting vouchers made from within or from outside of the company must be gathered in the accounting department and only after checking and verifying the legality of the vouchers can they be used in accounting.

Regarding the chart of accounting accounts:

According to current regulations, enterprises can choose the chart of account issued by the Ministry of Finance accompanying with Circular No. 200/2014 / TT-BTC, Circular No. 133/2016 / TT-BTC, Circular No. 132 /. 2018 / TT-BTC. Thus, enterprises need to rely on the system of accounting accounts issued by the Ministry of Finance, enterprises base on functions, tasks and nature of operation, as well as production and business characteristics and management requirements to research and select suitable accounting accounts to form the chart of accounting account for the company.

Regarding inspection and supervision in the work of accounting organization:

The inspection and supervision of the organization of the accounting in enterprises is to ensure that the accounting work in enterprises fulfill their requirements, tasks and functions. This is a regular and mandatory job at enterprises to ensure that the accounting organization is in compliance with the provisions of law and in associated with the organization and guidance for officials and employees in the company to understand and abide by the economic and financial management regime in general and the accounting regime in particular.

Regarding the application of information technology in accounting work:

In order to apply information technology well to accounting work, enterprises need to organize equipment, technical facilities, and informatics knowledge for the accounting department so that accountants can use the computers proficiently thereby serving the accounting work well.

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