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Nguyen Quynh Nam

Managing Partner

Dear valued customers,

With the trend of globalization, Vietnam government is striving for an equal, transparent and efficient investment environment through the revision of regulations concerning accounting, auditing, taxation, labor, insurance, investments, and so on; so as to be consistent with international standards. These changes, though bring a variety of challenges, have significantly contributed to the protection of the benefits of investors. In this context, Crowe Vietnam, by constantly enhancing services following integration trends to fulfil the needs and interests of customers, has become a trusted partner of many foreign-invested enterprises in Vietnam.

Established in 2008 with Japan investment capital from IGL Group, Crowe Vietnam has been dedicated to providing unparalleled range of services including Audit, Accounting, Tax, Outsourcing, Business Advisory, Risk Consulting. Thanks to high quality service and competitive fees, the number of our clients has continuously grown over the years. Up to the present, there are hundred clients putting their trust in our services, in which a lot of them have parent companies listed on the stock market in Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the USA.

Overcoming difficulties of the very first days of operations, we have gradually improved our control system, upgraded the service quality, developed a professional workforce with domestic qualifications (CPA Vietnam) and international qualifications (Japanese CPA, CPA Australia, ACCA), as well as built an unique corporate culture. Our efforts have been deservedly recognized by getting high results in the accounting and audit service quality inspection in 2014 undertaken by the Ministry of Finance.

2012 marked an important milestone on our journey as Crowe Vietnam became a full member of Crowe Global and I-Glocal acted as a business associate of this network in Vietnam. Crowe Global ranked 9th worldwide and ranked 6th in Asia – Pacific region, is a global accounting network with offices in most countries around the world. Joining such a reputed global network as Crowe Global not only affirms that our service quality meets the international standards, but also brings many opportunities for cooperation with member firms of the network in providing services to foreign-invested companies.

Our core values "Caring - Sharing - Investing - Growing" implies that: We are always concerned about customer needs, willing to share our professional knowledge, striving for continuous improvement of service quality, in order to contribute to the development and prosperity of our customers.

Vu Lam

International Liaison Partner

Wish you health and success in life!

Best regards,

Nguyen Quynh Nam

Managing Partner