Dung Nguyen

Dung Nguyen

Director, Audit & Assurance
HCMC, Dist. 1 Office

Professional Summary

Dung Nguyen is a highly accomplished Director specializing in Audit & Assurance, with a strong background in delivering exceptional services to clients. With extensive qualifications and expertise in accounting principles, internal controls, and financial reporting standards, Ms. Dung brings valuable insights and strategic guidance to her role. With over 15 years of experience, she has successfully served clients across various industries, ensuring compliance, providing advisory support, and enhancing financial integrity.

Services involved

  • Audit & Assurance Services: providing comprehensive audit and assurance services, overseeing the auditing process, ensuring regulatory compliance, and delivering accurate and reliable financial reports. 
  • Internal Audit: conducting thorough internal audits to assess clients' internal controls, identify areas for improvement, and provide recommendations to enhance operational efficiency and risk management. 
  • Accounting Process & Internal Control Advisory: offering expert guidance on establishing robust accounting processes and internal controls, assisting clients in optimizing financial operations and mitigating the risk of fraud and errors. 
  • Preparation of Financial Reports under VAS - IFRS: assisting clients in preparing financial reports that comply with both Vietnamese Accounting Standards (VAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), ensuring transparency and accuracy. 

Professional Affiliations and Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Accounting, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA Vietnam) issued by the Ministry of Finance, Vietnam. 
  • Certified Tax Advisor (CTA Vietnam) issued by the Ministry of Finance, Vietnam.
  • Associate of CPA Australia (ASA)


With her comprehensive qualifications, extensive experience, and strong commitment to client satisfaction, Dung Nguyen is a trusted Director in the field of Audit & Assurance. Her experience's details are as follow: 
  • Types of services delivered: Audit & Assurance, Internal Audit, Accounting Process & Internal Control Advisory, Preparation of financial reports under VAS - IFRS.


  • Sizes of clients: from very small clients to large clients, but the majority are small and medium clients, many of them are Foreign-Direct-Invested companies (FDI) companies.
  • Ownership of clients:  Foreign-Direct-Invested companies (FDI), and Vietnamese private companies.
  • Industry focus: Manufacturing, Distribution, Education, Food Processing, Real Estate, Transportation, Technology & Telecommunication, Logistic.