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Tax Advisory in Poland

The changes in regulations and the growing obligations have increased the number of companies that need professional support in choosing optimal tax solutions, both for local and global. 

Tax advisory

Tax Advisory for businesses

Cooperation with an experienced tax advisor is crucial for safe and smooth business expansion. Tax regulations, case law and legal interpretations are complex and change quickly. Tax strategies used yesterday may not work today.

Following and analysing all the changes in tax legislation on an ongoing basis is not only difficult, but also time-consuming. In fact, this is a major challenge even for companies with their own tax departments. A mistake in interpreting the regulations or lack of awareness can cost a lot and consequently undermine financial stability. Therefore, it is worth ensuring the tax security of your company.

The solution that will ensure keeping the tax security of your company is to cooperate with an experienced and qualified tax advisor, who will provide professional support regarding the correct understanding of the law. A tax advisory expert will help you to consider the effects of tax changes in the long term, thus allowing you to safely grow and develop your business.

Crowe Tax Advisors

We provide our clients with tax advisory services, both ongoing support for CIT, PIT and VAT, as well as assistance in areas selected by the client, e.g. investment tax services, tax advisory for M&A transactions, preparation of transfer pricing documentation, assistance in taking advantage of tax reliefs, e.g. R&D tax relief and IP Box, MDR tax scheme reporting or withholding tax. We also offer internal tax audits, tax due diligence and support in the area of accounting for posted workers (Global Mobility Services).

In each case, we comprehensively analyse the client's situation, and verify all the taxes and other public and legal liabilities related to it. Taking into account the needs of our clients, we provide comprehensive support services - from the analysis of your needs to the implementation of corrective measures.

We provide assistance in choosing the best tax solutions and fulfilling administrative and reporting obligations arising from the applicable legal provisions, both local and international.

Our team has broad experience in providing services to companies of all sizes and sectors. We offer tax advisory services in Polish and in English.

Indirect tax

We know that you need not only the highest quality tax advice and compliance services, but you need advice that is pro-active and constructive to enable you to compete in your local or global marketplace.

Our tax compliance and advisory services are practical and focused; delivering advice and hands-on assistance that allows you to implement your business objectives with confidence.

Our practical and focused approach also extends to implementation of transfer pricing structures and international tax planning, working together as necessary with independent members of Crowe Global in 130 countries around the world.

Our indirect tax compliance services include:

  • registration for Polish VAT for both Polish and overseas businesses
  • continuing VAT compliance, including EC Sales Lists and Intrastat declarations
  • acting as fiscal representative for non-EU businesses
  • handling claims for refunds of Polish VAT incurred by EU and non-EU businesses
  • advisory services on VAT, customs duties and stamp duties

We help non-residents and residents with tax settlements in Poland, focusing on optimizing the income tax for individuals.

We support and represent clients during tax inspections, as well as in customs and tax proceedings, also before administrative courts. We file requests for individual interpretations on their behalf.

We advise clients on fiscal penal liability, including advisory during preparatory proceedings.

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