Tax interpretations in Poland

Tax interpretations in Poland

Tax interpretations in Poland - reduced tax risks and secure planning

Crowe has been supporting companies in Poland in the interpretation of tax regulations for more than 30 years. We identify which tax strategies are beneficial for clients and provide the tools needed for secure tax planning.

The comprehensive requests for individual interpretations we prepare allow companies to effectively minimise their tax burden and plan safe tax strategies. Our team focuses on obtaining favourable individual interpretations, which are an extremely valuable tool for any taxpayer seeking to understand and comply with complex tax legislation.

Tax interpretations in Poland - comprehensive support by Crowe experts

Our experts can help you prepare a professional application for a tax interpretation, so that you can be sure that your organisation is correctly applying tax legislation or correctly benefiting from a particular tax relief.

Tax interpretations - scope of the service:

  1. Preparing a request for a tax interpretation
    Our experts assist clients in preparing requests for tax interpretations. Our careful approach ensures that requests are comprehensively formulated, increasing the chances of obtaining a favourable interpretation.
  2. Representing a client before the tax authorities
    If there is a dispute with the Director of the National Tax Information Chamber (KIS), we represent clients in the appeal procedure. Thanks to our experience and legal expertise, we take steps to protect the client's interests and ensure that the processes are conducted in accordance with the applicable regulations.
  3. Assistance in the use of legal remedies
    We provide support in the use of legal remedies to challenge unfavourable opinions of the tax authorities. We represent our clients during court proceedings to overturn unfavourable interpretations.

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Agata Nie┼╝ychowska
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Tax interpretations in Poland

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