Personal data protection

Personal data protection

Our services include: external DPO, DPO support, GDPR audits and assessments, GDPR/data security trainings and workshops, GDPR introduction, GDPR HotDesk, penetration testing, ISO 27001 support.

Personal data protection

General Data Protection Regulation introduces numerous changes in the approach to personal data protection. We offer dedicated data protection solutions for Clients on every stage of GDPR compliance process. The projects can focus on the organization itself or on its selected areas.

Here are our data protection services:

  • Data Protection Officer service,
  • Data Protection Officer support service,
  • GDPR compliance audits and assessments,
  • GDPR requirements introduction,
  • GDPR and data protection workshops and trainings, also special GDPR workshops for HR and recruitment,
  • GDPR HotDesk
  • pentesting,
  • ISO27001 support,
  • GRC system support.

DPO service 

This service is dedicated to Clients aiming at the GDPR compliance and in need of a data protection expert. If your company processes large amounts of data on a daily basis this service is for you!

DPO suport service 

This service is dedicated to Clients whose DPO’s are in need of an external support. Our GDPR and data protection experts will provide advice, verify the decisions and direct the internal DPO, solving the most complex data protection issues. We will suggest how to run the records of processing, data breach records, how to notify the supervisory authority about the breach, what procedures and instructions are necessary to prove GDPR compliance.  

GDPR audits and assessments 

If you wish to confirm that your GDPR project is going in the right direction, this service is for you. During audits we verify compliance of the organization’s documentation with GDPR, as well as other legal provisions concerning personal data protection. Our experts validate your processes and the range of data gathered, check the procedures for data subjects’ rights and data breach notifications to the supervisory authority.

Introduction of GDPR requirements

This service is for Clients who need to prepare a GDPR compliant documentation. Our experts will prepare documentation templates, assist in filling the blanks and recommend solutions for data protection solutions. We offer individual approaches to every Client. 

GDPR workshops/trainings

Individually prepared GDPR workshops will help to understand current data protection requirements. We offer also specialized GDPR and Labor Law workshops for HR Departments.

GDPR HotDesk 

Support service for Clients who need emergency help or advice e.g. in case of a data breach. Our expert will advise how to proceed in case of data loss or theft.

Penetration testing 

This service is for Clients wishing to ensure the security of websites and application accessible from Internet. Test are performer by certified pentesters. The report presents vulnerabilities with their criticality rating.

ISO 27001 support 

This service is dedicated to Clients focusing on information security according to ISO standards. Our certified auditors will perform audits, support the ISO projects or advise on ISO documentation.

GRC application support 

We cooperate with a leading Polish company, a GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance) system provider. The application provides support for corporate processes management, audits, assessments, GDPR compliant records and IT systems registers. Our experts will advise on how to adjust the system to the company’s needs and processes, as well as to choose an optimal range of system functions.

Outsourcing of the Data Protection Officer
Assistance of the Data Protection Officer
Outsourcing of the Data Protection Officer
Assistance of the Data Protection Officer
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