International taxation

International taxation

International taxation - transparency and security of global transactions

As part of our international tax advisory services, we provide comprehensive support in the area of international tax regulations. Crowe's experts are highly experienced lawyers, advising companies from all over the world, operating across a wide range of markets.

As part of Crowe's international network, we can provide clients with comprehensive tax support on a global scale. Our presence in 130 countries around the world allows us to bring together expertise from a variety of jurisdictions, ensuring that our services are tailored to the scope of our clients' operations.

International tax law - multi-market support

We offer comprehensive support in the field of international taxation and tax planning. Our advisory services enable globally operating businesses to safely navigate and compete in a variety of foreign markets, while remaining compliant with local tax laws and taking into account all the complexities of international tax law.

International taxes - scope of the service:

  1. International transactions
    We assist clients in planning, structuring and optimising international transactions, taking into account both tax and business aspects. Our approach takes into account local tax laws and international treaties to minimise tax risks.
  2. Corporate restructuring
    We support companies in the restructuring processes of corporate structures, including corporate tax groups. Our solutions help clients optimise their operations and reduce their tax burden.
  3. Starting up and running a business in Poland
    We assist foreign companies in choosing the optimal form of doing business in Poland, analysing tax residency as well as cash and goods flows, ensuring full compliance with local tax regulations.
    Learn more about doing business in Poland - download the brochure Doing business in Poland
  4. Withholding tax (WHT)
    We provide support on withholding tax issues, helping clients understand and meet their tax obligations in Poland.
  5. Permanent establishment
    We analyse the risk of a tax permanent establishment in Poland and help clients avoid undesirable tax consequences.
  6. Advisory on international regulations and agreements

We provide clients with professional support in understanding and complying with international tax laws and treaties, ensuring maximum transparency and transaction security.

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International taxation 

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