Tax proceedings in Poland

Tax proceedings in Poland

Tax proceedings in Poland - legal advisory services

Crowe provides professional support in tax proceedings and litigation (tax litigation). We protect the interests of our clients in disputes with the tax authorities during tax proceedings and before administrative courts and tribunals.

We support clients with disputes in the field of income taxes (PIT, CIT), VAT and transaction taxes (PCC). Our team aims to achieve a favourable resolution as quickly as possible, combining the skills of specialist tax advisors with a businesslike approach.

Tax proceedings in Poland - scope of the service

Our experience and expertise enable us to effectively defend our clients' interests in a dynamic and often complex tax environment in which regulatory changes are common and not unusual. We are ready to provide comprehensive and highly specialised legal assistance in the area of taxation. We offer support at every stage of proceedings or audits, and we provide our services to small, medium and large companies.

Tax proceedings - scope of services:

  1. Taxpayers' representation in tax disputes
    We assist clients in resolving tax disputes with the tax and customs authorities, as well as in proceedings before the administrative courts.
  2. Defending clients in criminal fiscal cases
    We provide support in criminal fiscal cases, protecting the interests of our clients at every stage of the proceedings.
  3. Verification of tax settlements and overpayment claims
    We conduct a thorough analysis of tax settlements and overpayment claims and represent clients in tax proceedings.
  4. Support in tax strategy
    We assist in developing a tax strategy and meeting the new tax strategy information requirements.
  5. Reducing the risk of criminal liability
    We help reduce the risk of criminal liability for board members and those responsible for managing a company.
  6. Trainings for employees
    We organise trainings for employees on current tax law issues and potential criminal and fiscal liability.

Tax proceedings in Poland

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