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Within the scope of Global Mobility Services we offer comprehensive legal services to assigned employees. We advise on labor law, income tax as well as on social security for various types of employees’ trips:

  • Business travels
  • Short-term trips lasting up to 6 months
  • Temporary assignments lasting from six months to two years
  • Long-term assignments lasting from two to five years
  • Relocations of unspecified length lasting more than five years.

Global Mobility Services – our services for employers:

  • Determination of structures of assignments in the scope of local and international law regulations
  • Legal advice on labor law and immigration duties
  • Legal Advice on tax planning related to the assignment of an employee abroad
  • Determination of an employee’s tax residency based on the Polish as well as international tax regulations
  • Determination of duties and responsibilities of an employer as a taxpayer of personal income advances and social insurance contributions
  • Registration of foreign employers in Poland and Polish abroad for the purposes of income tax and social insurance
  • Keeping a payroll for an assigned employees
  • Supporting in a permanent establishment (PE) possible issues.

Global Mobility Services – our support for assigned employees:

  • Our assistance in the scope of immigration duties
  • Registration of an employee for the purposes of obtaining the Polish identification numbers
  • Tax meeting with assigned employee - discussion of the implications of the secondment in the scope of tax obligations, social and health insurance
  • Preparation of annual tax returns for individuals, both in home and in host country
  • Obtaining of tax certificate and other certificates for individuals from the tax authorities
  • Obtaining A1 certificates confirming the subject of European co-ordination social insurance coverage
  • Legal advice on the retirement security of employees.

We render the GMS services primarily to companies assign their employees to work abroad, for companies employing foreigners in Poland and for international corporations that providing programs of acquiring and exchanging talents. In our activities, we also support people who run a sole proprietorship, people who work on the basis of a mandate contracts, managerial contracts and appointments.

Global Mobility Services

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