Outsourcing of accounting

Outsourcing of accounting

Regardless of whether the company is just starting its activity or has been operating on the market for years, we provide accounting services tailored to its specific needs.
Outsourcing of accounting

Outsourcing of accounting

Whether you are a straightforward start-up business or an established business with complex controlling and reporting structures, our services are always tailored to your needs and delivered with commitment.

We work in systems implemented at Crowe in Poland (SAP, IFS, Exact), as well as in any system implemented and used by a client.

Acknowledging larger and more complex outsourcing requirements which outsourcing companies need to meet we have implemented IFS as the first and only outsourcing firm on the market. Apart from the basic financial and accounting functions, the ERP IFS system additionally supports the growth of your business domestically and internationally by:

  • Scaling to meet your volume requirements
  • Availability in multiple languages, supporting businesses from multiple countries
  • Providing unparalleled logistics and order processing support
  • Integrating with external logistics, document processing and other applications
  • Integrating with your banks for bidirectional electronic data transfer
  • Providing state of the art data protection, data security and disaster recovery
  • Preparation of management reports and consolidation packages
  • Optimisation of accounting processes and timely delivery of financial data

Our services within the outsourcing of accounting:

  • Bookkeeping in accordance with Polish law and IFRS/IAS
  • Preparation of reports for the Polish Central Statistical Office
  • Posting verification
  • Preparation of registration documents (Tax Office, Central Statistical Office)
  • Preparation of VAT / VAT UE returns
  • Preparation of reports for the National Bank of Poland
  • Preparation of transfers
  • Assistance during the implementation of accounting systems
  • CIT calculations
  • Issuing invoices
  • Preparation of Management Reports in accordance with Client's requirements (including consolidated reports)
  • Preparation of a chart of accounts and an accounting policy
  • Preparation of CIT returns
  • Preparation of individual or consolidated financial statements in accordance with Polish law
  • Debt collection
  • Preparation of a Management Report template
  • Preparation of other returns (PCC, DT-1, DN-1, IFTR, etc.)
  • Keeping VAT registers
  • Assistance during audits
  • Preparation of INTRASTAT
  • Preparation of individual or consolidated financial statements in accordance with IFRS / US GAAP standards
  • Assistance during tax controls
  • Review of the accounting books
  • High level review (a quick overview of the company financial standing)
  • Tax and accounting review
  • Review of the effectiveness of financial and accounting departments

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Małgorzata Dobrowolska
Małgorzata Dobrowolska
Partner, Director in Accounting Department