Put a stop to hand-keying statements.

With intelligent process automation, you can reduce your organization's reliance on time-consuming data entry and review. That means no more hand-keying – and fewer concerns about outdated, incomplete, and inaccurate data.

Start accelerating your credit decisions and monitoring. We can get you there.

Discover how Crowe Financial Data Automation™ for lenders can supply better borrower data and improve team efficiency.

You can get better – and faster – at lending.

The best part about credit data automation? It’s automated. 

By eliminating hand-keying of financial statements, for example, you won’t just save time. You’ll get more accurate, higher-quality information, too. 

Our credit data automation technology can handle a variety of processing requirements – more quickly and accurately than any person could. 

Stop waiting for your team to work through a backlog of financial statements. Get caught up with Crowe. 

Credit practices you can count on.

You lend in complex industries. Junior-level analysts aren't aware of everything that’s happening all the time. They might even miss important details. 

Consistently delivered data supports consistent decision-making – and helps you spot trouble on the horizon. 

Crowe credit data automation technology is built to deliver consistency in your lending processes. 

Grow your business without adding staff. 

Want to expand your lending business? That typically involves increasing headcount to handle the related administrative and analytic tasks. 

You can say goodbye to all that. 

Our credit data automation technology minimizes the time your people spend on tedious, low-level tasks. 

Our technology gives your team more time to manage the human side of customer relationships and grow your business. 

Credit data automation is the critical first step in accelerating your lending processes.

No one wants to be slow and inaccurate. The problem is, banks and financial services companies don’t always know how to make things move faster. 

We’ve got the expertise and the technology to get you up to speed.