Vague ratings can give you a cloudy picture of risk.

Credit risk is one of the largest sources of risk that banks face. Credit losses, earnings pressure, and compliance are on the line.

Broad measurements that could fit any organization won’t uncover your bank’s unique risk profile.

Crowe consultants can show you how to move your credit scorecards past unclear and subjective risk assessments to deliver a clear view of your loans and borrowers.

Strengthen your credit risk management.
Crowe can help you develop a new approach so you can feel confident in the decisions you make.

Stronger credit scorecards. Better decisions.

Improved credit scorecards can provide more support for assessments, guide loan pricing and decisions, and deliver more accurate credit loss estimation.

Moving away from generic models and narrative grades can lead to specific, consistent insight. 

As the scorecard process follows a more methodical path, it can deliver increasingly precise measurements. You’ll see why grades change and be able to validate and adapt your credit scorecards more effectively.

Five steps to great clarity.

Let’s talk about your program’s potential.

We understand the far-reaching effect credit risk has on your lending program. Reach out to see how you can start working with clearer information. 

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See how enhanced credit scorecards can transform the way you lend.

Credit risk is something your bank will have to monitor and manage, and it’s time to bring it into clearer focus. We'll work with you to plan, develop, and use more accurate credit scorecards so you can improve confidence in your program.