Business Process Robotization

Business Process Robotization

Automation creates new opportunities to improve process productivity, quality and flexibility.

Process robotization is a step into the future and a modern approach to process efficiency management allowing to perform operations between many IT systems without human intervention.

Process Robotization - this service is addressed in particular to the companies which:

  • look for high quality, error-free and timely processes,
  • have a need to improve the quality and access to information,
  • want to free employees from tedious and repetitive tasks,
  • look for savings in office processes,
  • want to motivate employees to act creatively,
  • have an IT system incompatible with the needs of the organization,
  • focus on the rapid achievement of a competitive advantage,
  • plan to develop the company and its products,
  • struggle with a lack of qualified job candidates.

The process robotization enables automation of repetitive tasks performed by office workers working in:
  • Accounting departments
  • HR
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer service

The robots are simple and quick to implement and do not require changes to existing systems. Once created, they work as long as needed.

Process Robotization - scope of the service:

  • developing a strategy for the robotization of office processes:
    • robotization of accounting processes,
    • robotization of human resources processes (HR),
    • robotization of purchasing processes,
    • robotization of sales processes,
    • robotization of marketing processes (communication),
    • robotization of financial processes,
    • robotization of logistics processes,
    • robotization of the recovery process,
  • development of a technical and economic feasibility study on robotization,
  • production of a robot and its implementation,
  • monitoring of the effectiveness of robots' work, together with a training course on their development,
  • implementation of the change management process and creation of foundations for an innovative corporate culture.

We offer a full range of support starting from the choice of robotization strategy through to the full implementation of a solution.

Business process robotization - benefits:

  • automation and acceleration of repetitive office tasks,
  • elimination of the mistakes made in tasks caused by fatigue or dispersion of employees,
  • shorter process delivery period and 24/7 process operations,
  • higher quality and efficiency with no changes to IT systems,
  • capacity to handle greater numbers of tasks - increased operational capacity,
  • creating a culture of knowledge-based innovations,
  • professional development of employees - more valuable professional qualifications,
  • lower process costs, return on investment possible just a few months after implementation.

Robotization of processes - free consultations

We offer free consultations concerning an assessment of the robotization potential. We will determine whether it is possible to improve the efficiency of processes in a given organization

Process Robotization - consultations for companies 

The robotization of processes increases their efficiency and generates savings which may reach up to 90% of their implementation costs.
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Free audit of processes

For companies interested in improving their processes and cost reduction, have prepared a free offer of audit of business processes

Business Process Robotization


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