Automation of accounting processes

Automation of accounting processes. Will robots replace the traditional accountants?

Automation of accounting processes
According to 67% of accountants and entrepreneurs, new technologies will change automation and will contribute to the increase of efficiency of accounting processes. How should a traditional accountant build a career so as to be ready for technological changes?

New technologies will influence the way the tasks in accounting firms and financial departments will be carried out in the near future. The scope of tasks of a typical accountant includes, inter alia, extremely time-consuming tasks which are at the same time easy to automate. Automation in accounting is advancing, but its implementation will not be so easy in all aspects. 

In the existing legislative reality, it is not possible to fully automate accounting processes, and human involvement is still necessary for proper tax qualification. I think that it is just the tax aspect that will be most difficult to automate, unless tax regulations are changed to such an extent that there will be no doubts or different interpretations in this area, as is currently the case - explains Marta Ɓyczewska, COO at Crowe Poland, for the portal.

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