In any commercial relationship it is important to know who you are dealing with and have the trust necessary for the relationship to flourish.

You need detailed information about organisations and people to avoid help you unnecessary risks and make properly informed decisions. We can provide intelligence on organisation’s financial position, personnel, and cyber vulnerabilities.

Financial due diligence
Integrity due diligence
Cyber due diligence
Financial due diligence

We assess an organisation’s financial position, and identify financial risks that could impact the future viability of any commercial relationship.

The financial failure of a key supplier or customer can have a significant negative impact on the operations of a business. Despite this, many companies do not undertake financial assessments on key third parties.

We can reduce the potential for financial failure of a key partner by:

  • assessing the profitability and cash generation of the partner
  • assessing the liquidity of the partner
  • assessing the gearing and debt profile of the partner
  • assessing the partner’s payment periods with suppliers and customers
  • undertaking credit checks.
Integrity due diligence

You need to understand who you are doing business with.

Our background checks are comprehensive. We check in-country, in the relevant local language, and look at local documentation. Our checks provide real assurance about an individual’s:

  • professional and personal background
  • global political links and affiliations
  • reputation and potentially adverse media coverage
  • possible links to organised crime
  • wider networks and groups of interest
  • claimed asset base and previous work and associations

We can also protect your reputation and assets by:

  • ensuring names and official identification documents are correct
  • identifying potential links to government officials and organised crime
  • confirming professional qualifications and experience
  • identifying adverse credit judgements
  • confirming ownership of physical assets
  • ensuring company directors are ‘fit and proper’.
Cyber due diligence

The reputational, financial and legal impact of a cyber breach can be devastating. Despite this, cyber risk is routinely overlooked when new commercial partnerships are formed. Working with a company which is vulnerable to a cyber attack can result in a very nasty surprise.

We can reduce the impact of fraud and cybercrime and increase your assurance about your partners by:

  • identifying cyber risks and vulnerabilities
  • increasing cyber security
  • detecting previous breaches and associated liabilities.
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Our Threat Intelligence reports

Threat Intelligence

Protect your business from emerging threats

In order to help protect your business from threats, Crowe are offering a weekly Threat Intelligence report which can be bought on a monthly or annual basis. 

CCO tool
Assess your tax risk and vulnerability with our new scorecard

Failure to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion

  • What are the key elements under the offence?
  • What prevention measures can organisations put in place?
  • How can a breach occur and who is affected?
  • How we can help

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