Our assurance services provide comfort to businesses, their owners, and stakeholders on various aspects of their operations.

About assurance

Our assurance work is conducted under a variety of frameworks that are based on international standards. As a result, the services we provide can be tailored to the small, independent business to the larger, multinational businesses.

Assurance services may be specific to particular sectors or available across a broad range of businesses and can involve reporting to the business itself or to third parties, including regulators.

Examples of the type of services we provide are:

  • reports to directors on un-audited financial statements
  • independent examination on small registered charities
  • internal controls assurance reports
  • pension fund investment governance frameworks reviews
  • assurance reports on internal control at service providers under AAF 01/06
  • assurance reports on third party operations under ISAE3000.

Our services

Increasingly, businesses and their stakeholders need to understand all aspects of their business outside of the purely financial arena. This can be a key element of the risk management processes and may cover areas such as:

  • information security
  • supply chain management
  • specific regulatory or contractual requirements
  • third party service providers.

We take both a detailed focus and a high-level overview in order to pose the right questions in the right areas, to evaluate processes and assumptions, and to scrutinise the reporting being carried out for the Executive for shareholders, for trustees, and for other stakeholders of an organisation.

It underpins reporting with reliability, giving enhanced confidence in the organisation as a whole.

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Steve Gale
Steve Gale
Partner, Professional Practices and Head of Audit