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The market we work in is changing. Our people and clients are becoming more diverse and in recognition of that, we are creating a culture where everyone has the chance to succeed.

In 2017 we launched our Women’s Empowerment Programme, designed to promote women in business and make sure everyone, regardless of gender or background, has the opportunity to advance their careers. This is alongside our wider Diversity, Equality and Inclusion initiatives including dedicated LGBTQ+ and BAME networks. We aim to create an environment where everyone can work flexibly, is encouraged to build their own networks, and has real role models to look up to.

Nigel Bostock
We have many talented people across the firm, all of whom have something to offer. Through our unique values and culture we aim to support all of our people to reach their full potential.
Nigel Bostock
Nigel Bostock
Chief Executive

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Read our people’s stories and learn how they benefitted from our inclusive and supportive approach.

Azeem Zafar 

Azeem Zafar

Azeem Zafar, Partner, Global Business Solutions

After completing an Accounting and Finance Degree from The University of Glamorgan Azeem joined an international outsourcing company where he headed up the management accounts function, after nine years he joined Crowe in 2010 where he was promoted to Partner in 2014.

Working in Crowe’s Global Business Solutions (GBS) department, Azeem has played an instrumental part in the growth of the GBS team.  He is passionate about providing equal opportunities to everyone, and has been involved with all the recruitment for the Global Business Solutions team, from trainees to managers.

Azeem is a seasoned professional in his field and has more than 20 years’ experience in assisting and advising US start-up companies how to expand internationally. 

Azeem is based in our Cheltenham office.

Rebecca Durrant

Rebecca Durrant

Rebecca Durrant, Partner, National Head of Private Clients

I want to encourage our people, whatever their gender, to be the best they can be. I would like us to identify our future leaders and make sure they have a strong support network to achieve their own success.

Rebecca began her career at the age of 18, when she joined a local firm of accountants in Manchester as a Tax Junior. Having been heavily encouraged by her school to go to university over starting a career, Rebecca instead decided to forge her own path.

As soon as she started work, Rebecca also began studying for her ATT qualification, which she passed shortly after turning 20. She then moved to an independent practice in Manchester’s city centre, before getting married and starting a family.

Rebecca soon returned to work full-time and began studying for her CTA qualification, whereupon completion she took on a manager role at Crowe in 2007. This gave her more experience and opportunities than she had had in previous roles and was promoted to Partner in 2014.

It was at her first Partners’ Conference where the seeds of the Women’s Empowerment Programme were planted. Wanting to see more women at Partner level, Rebecca worked with the Executive team and the wider firm to lead the programme from its inception to its launch.

A passionate advocate in developing talent at all levels, Rebecca works to ensure Crowe’s culture supports and encourages all of its people, regardless of their backgrounds or gender. She also supports member firms across the Crowe Global network, to implement similar programmes in their respective regions.

Rebecca is based in our Manchester office.

Nigel Bostock

Nigel Bostock

Nigel Bostock, Chief Executive

During my time with the firm, I have seen many positive changes. I am proud to work for Crowe and equally proud of the position we have come from. We have many talented people, all of whom have something to offer. Through our unique values and culture we aim to support all of our people to reach their full potential.

Nigel Bostock joined Crowe as a trainee in 1991 and has been with the firm ever since, progressing to Partner in 2005 and joining the Executive team in 2013. In 2017 he was appointed Chief Executive and also sits on the Crowe Global International board.

Working in Crowe’s Corporate Business and Professional Practice sectors, Nigel has advised a wide range of large, private and small and medium-sized (SME) clients, across a range of sectors, both in the UK and abroad. 

Throughout his time with the firm Nigel has been based in both Manchester and London, the latter of which he was Office Managing Partner for four years. He has also had oversight of a number of different and highly important areas, such as Ethics Partner and International Liaison Partner.

Like many other partners across the firm, Nigel has juggled work and family commitments throughout his career and is passionate about developing ways to ensure everyone reaches their full potential. Having been with the firm for his entire career and reaching the level of Chief Executive, Nigel has experienced first-hand the firm’s longstanding approach to developing talent from within.

Across the firm, and at every level, there is no shortage of talented people willing and able to take on greater seniority, which is why Nigel remains a keen champion of Crowe’s development programmes.

Nigel is based in our London office. 

Jaki Mitchell
Jaki Mitchell

Jaki Mitchell, Partner, Head of Business Solutions

Challenges have always been juggling work and home life but Crowe has always been hugely supportive in allowing flexibility. It’s not a competition between work and home life and if you are happy in both, your output will be greater.

Now a partner and a key member of the Executive team, Jaki Mitchell joined Crowe when she was 16, taking on a summer job in the internal accounts department, before joining full time as a Payroll Clerk.

Preferring to work full-time and earn a salary over taking A-levels and going to university, Jaki progressed to Audit Manager by the age of 24, having combined her work with gaining professional qualifications.

She started a family in her late 20s and continued her career, working three to four days a week, while raising her daughters. As her daughters grew up, Jaki returned to work on a full-time basis and was promoted to Partner soon after, where her passion for management accounting and developing clients’ businesses marked her out as a future leader.

Since taking on a leadership role, Jaki remains a passionate advocate in developing the talents of her colleagues. In 2017 she helped launch Crowe’s Women’s Empowerment Programme and works with her colleagues to promote greater flexibility and developing skills training across the firm.

Jaki is based in our Thames Valley office

Miriam Sherwood
Miriam Sherwood

Miriam Sherwood, Director, People Communication and Marketing

Introducing fresh ideas and initiatives is encouraged, which creates a healthy and productive working environment.

After graduating from Leicester University, Miriam worked for a number of firms, including the Big Four.

When her son was at primary school Miriam decided to move to a mid-tier firm, where she felt her experience could make a real difference and she could achieve a better work/life balance.

Miriam joined us in 2004 and currently manages the marketing team based in our regional offices and in 2021 took on a new role to drive and develop our People communications. Her role takes her across all of our offices, from Manchester, the Midlands and Thames Valley to Cheltenham, Kent and London.

She has helped us through a name change, a brand refresh and has developed key regular communication with our people. This has created further opportunities for innovation and creativity, which is key to her role.

Miriam believes one of our key strengths is the friendliness and approachability of our people and the collaborative way in which we work across our teams.

Miriam is based in our Midlands office. 

Lesley Jones
Lesley Jones

Lesley Jones, Director, Tax

Learn from everyone you work with – we all have different ideas and perspectives and they all matter.

While studying for an Accounting and Finance degree at Hull, Lesley won a prize sponsored by us.

A few years after graduating she joined us as an Audit Supervisor, after she qualified as a chartered accountant.

Lesley is now Tax Director for our Manchester office, focusing on corporate tax advice.

She enjoys working with the next generation of tax professionals and believes they should find the area which interests them most, and be open to suggestions from senior professionals, who are adept at spotting potential.

Lesley is based in our Manchester office.

Fiona Tompsett
Fiona Tompsett

Fiona Tompsett, Senior Manager, Business Solutions

I enjoy Crowe’s whole ethos. The approach and values and shared philosophy of client service runs throughout the firm. It is more than just a job for me, it is about relationship building.

It may seem an unlikely career for a graduate of Physics and Meteorology, but Fiona Tompsett decided accountancy was for her.

She spent four years learning her trade with a small firm before she joined us, impressed by our acknowledgement that accountants can come from all backgrounds, and via unusual routes.

As we have grown, so have Fiona’s responsibilities, although she still works with many of her initial clients with whom she has personal and long-lasting relationships.

Recently she developed a bespoke business solution for a global hotel chain, who were delighted, and it has led to new opportunities for Fiona to shine.

Fiona is based in our Thames Valley office. (edit)

Parris Britton
Parris Britton

Parris Britton, Manager, Professional Practice and Private Clients

Crowe’s culture of friendliness and caring about its employees has created a great environment for me to flourish and grow in career.

Parris joined Crowe in 2013 after completing an Accounting and Finance Degree at the University of Central Lancashire.

Whilst working full-time in the Midlands Office Private Client Department, Parris studied for her ATT qualification and continued on to study for her CTA qualification.

Having specialised in inheritance tax, trusts and wealth planning, Crowe supported Parris when she aspired to study for her STEP Diploma in Trusts and Estates (England & Wales).

In Parris’s role she provides tax advice to various types of clients from business owners to High Net Worth Individuals, whilst also ensuring her clients meet their tax compliance obligations.

Parris is an active member of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion initiative and takes leadership roles in both the Women’s Empowerment Programme and the BAME & Allies network.

Parris enjoys training junior tax professionals and supports them in their professional development.

Parris is based in our Midlands office.

Suzanne Plater
Suzanne Plater

Suzanne Plater, Senior Manager, Audit

Crowe cares about and looks after its employees and offers opportunities, training and support.

After completing a Higher National Diploma Course and a course in finance and accountancy, Suzanne joined us as a trainee in the audit and accounts department.

While working for us she gained her ACCA qualification and was soon promoted to Audit Manager.

In her new role, Suzanne had the opportunity to audit some large and complex pension schemes. This led to another promotion, this time to Senior Audit Manager with responsibility for leading the Midlands Pensions team.

Suzanne has seen many changes throughout her time with us, but one constant has been our culture, which is highly supportive and offers a range of different opportunities for its people.

Suzanne is based in our Midlands office. 

Katy Bayliss
Katy Bayliss

Katy Bayliss, Director, National Client Solutions

I get to work with people across a number of departments, in a number of offices, at all levels, and even internationally.

Katy Bayliss originally trained to be a primary school teacher, but she decided to try accountancy and we were impressed by her wider skillset.

She joined us as a trainee in 2001 and four years later she qualified as a chartered accountant.

Having risen to the position of Audit Senior, Katy convinced us to create a CaseWare Support department, of which she has been Senior Manager since 2015.

In her time with us, Katy has most enjoyed the opportunities she has been given and believes that everyone in the firm is ready to help its people to grow.

Katy is based in our Midlands office. 

Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson, Partner, Audit

We have a stand out culture that offers all of our clients and people the best environment in which to do business.

Mark Anderson is an audit and client relationship partner, as well as overseeing the operations of Crowe’s Kent office, as its Managing Partner.

Mark joined Crowe in 1988 and has been with the firm ever since. He helped to set up its Tunbridge Wells office in 1999 and became a partner in 2000. 

As an audit partner, Mark not only recognises the need for robust and independent audit, but strongly encourages his team to see themselves as providers of solutions to their clients. Specialising in the family and owner-managed sectors, Mark helps his clients with technical and commercial challenges, helping them to reach their potential.

Mark’s aim is to continue to develop and enhance Crowe’s offering in the region, helping clients to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by the current economic climate. He also wants to help Crowe become the ‘go-to’ employer in the professional services industry, attracting the best people, whatever their experiences.

Mark is based in our Kent office.

Kerry Brown
Kerry Brown

Kerry Brown, Partner , Audit

My greatest achievement is that I have pretty successfully managed to balance family life with having a rewarding career for the past 20 years.

Kerry, who leads detailed audit planning, administration, liaison and feedback for a large portfolio of clients, has been with us since she graduated with a maths degree from the University of Sheffield.

She exemplifies the way we nurture the careers of our people – joining as a trainee in 1989, qualifying as a chartered accountant in 1992, and becoming a partner in 2017.

Working for so many clients, largely in the Non Profits sector, ensures no two days are the same and allows her to build the relationships that are the most satisfying part of her work.

Kerry is keen to pass on her experience to the next generation of professionals.

Kerry is based in our Midlands office.