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Protect your business from emerging threats

Fraud and cybercrime now represent over 40% of all crime in the UK and the financial and reputational risk from falling victim to such crime can be devastating. 

The current pandemic has resulted in businesses quickly transitioning into remote ways of working. This has meant that now more than ever, there is a higher risk of threat activity against businesses.

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Protect your business in 2021

To raise awareness of new and ongoing issues and help protect your business from such threats, Crowe is offering a weekly Threat Intelligence report on a monthly or annual basis. The reports can be tailored to suit your business needs.

The Threat Intelligence report, based on information from open and confidential sources, is designed for UK-centric organisations. However, it does include information regarding matters outside the UK where these may have an impact on activity within the UK. Country-or sector-specific Threat Intelligence reports can also be provided on request. 

What does the weekly report cover? 

The weekly report highlights four areas which may be impacting your business:

  1. Physical and Business threats
  2. Financial crime
  3. Cyber threats 
  4. Technical matters


Monthly subscription of £50 

A tailored report will be issued to you at the end of every week.

Annual subscription of £495

Get 12 months for the price of under 10 by signing up annually.

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Our Threat Intelligence reports

How can I subscribe? 

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