Finance Count

Finance Count

Unique financial benchmarking tool is free for Crowe clients and CFG members

Naziar Hashemi, Partner, National Head of Non Profits
Finance Count

We are delighted to once again be involved in shaping the 2019/20 Finance Count programme with Charity Finance Group (CFG) and Agenda Consulting.

The registration window is now open and spaces are limited so we advise our clients and contacts to participate now.

What is Finance Count?

Finance Count offers you the chance to tap into a community of charity finance professionals, to see how you measure up when it comes to financial performance, and ensure that your charity is on track to have the strongest possible finance function. All you need to do is complete a detailed questionnaire and let us know the organisations you would like to benchmark against.

Over the last four years, we have worked closely with CFG and Agenda Consulting to develop the questionnaire, scorecards and follow up programme to support charities to better understand their performance and how it compares to others.

Now more than ever charities are focusing on results, reducing costs and improving on efficiencies. In this operating context, benchmarking as a tool can be very helpful if used properly. It can help decrease costs and improve efficiencies and effectiveness and support the charity in making the right operational, tactical and strategic decisions in allocating scarce resources.

What you will receive

  • A bespoke scorecard comparing your organisation to those that you choose to benchmark against.
  • A sector-wide and detailed statistics report collated from the complete data set.
  • Access to the benchmarking database for 18 months.
  • Training and workshops delivered by us following the completion of the survey to explore, alongside peers, ways to improve your finance function’s processes and performance and to pick up on key trends.
  • A telephone call with Agenda Consulting to help you interpret the scorecard and use the findings to inform your strategy.

Important dates

  • October 2019 - deadline for registration.
  • December 2019 - deadline for questionnaire completion.
  • March 2020 - scorecards available.

Registration and cost 

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Naziar Hashemi
Naziar Hashemi
Head of Social Purpose and Non Profits