Accounting services for start-ups

Accounting services for start-ups

Accounting for start-ups offered by Crowe is a solution for both new and already operating companies. The service includes support for all or selected accounting processes.

Accounting services for start-ups

Comprehensive accounting services for start-ups

A start-up is a newly created innovative company with a high degree of risk and a high projected profit if it is successful. This type of entity is usually still searching a suitable business model, and most often the costs of running the business are intended to be relatively low in order to ensure rapid growth. Start-ups often take advantage of various types of financing, such as special incubation programmes, grants or tax reliefs.

All of this makes start-up accounting a challenge, as the traditional approach may not be enough. That is why accounting services for start-ups, i.e. a comprehensive accounting tailored to the needs of a young, innovative company, is the solution.

Accounting for start-ups offered by Crowe is a solution for both new and already operating companies. The service includes support for all or selected accounting processes.

Accounting for a start-up - the biggest challenges

A startup is an innovative and young venture benefiting from new technologies, the development of which is often financed from many different sources. However, a large number of startup founders indicate that accounting for such an entity is a major challenge, and a significant complication lies in the frequent changes in regulations and lack of relevant knowledge.

Moreover, startups find it difficult to access qualified staff, suffer staff turnover problems and face competition for the best job candidates.

Outsourcing of accounting will guarantee that accounting processes are executed according to regulations and will allow for their optimisation. It will also eliminate the problem of staff replacement and the rising cost of hiring accounting specialists, both of which often act as growth barriers for a start-up.

According to the survey, there are now more than 5000 startups1 in Poland and these are the entities for which the startup accounting services offered by Crowe are directed.

Accounting services for start-ups - key benefits

  • Comprehensive offer of accounting services - support of all accounting processes, keeping abreast of all legislative changes and adapting the scope of activities to the individual needs of a start-up,
  • Responsibility and experience - we provide professional accounting services of the highest security standards, relying on our over 30 years of experience in the field of accounting outsourcing. We are a member of Crowe Global which ranks among the top 10 international networks of accounting and advisory firms;
  • Innovative IT solutions - we are the only accounting service provider using the renowned IFS ERP system, and we also work with the client's systems, provided these are configured to Polish regulations;
  • Flexibility of the relationship with a client - we will tailor the services to the individual needs of a startup, providing both full accounting services and partial outsourcing of accounting;
  • Domestic and international settlements - we know how important for a start-up is to cooperate and operate internationally, therefore our services are carried out in accordance with both Polish and international regulations;
  • Accounting for tax reliefs, grants and subsidies - we know that a large number of startups benefit from government programmes, grants, reliefs and subsidies, as well as sell products and services abroad2. We provide support in accounting for this type of financing and also offer comprehensive tax advisory services;
  • Access to know-how and experts' support - one of the biggest challenges that startups face is recruiting specialists and frequent changes in legislation. With Crowe's accounting service, a startup is looked after by experienced professionals who keep up to date with legislative changes and provide the necessary expertise.

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