Financial statement preparation

Financial statement preparation

Every company maintaining accounting books is obliged to prepare financial statements within 3 months of a financial year end.

Financial statement preparation

Outsourcing of accounting

The financial statement is made in electronic form (XML) in accordance with the template published by the Ministry of Finance.

Financial statement preparation - scope of the service

As part of the closure of the year, we will:

  • confirm balances with customers, in accordance with the regulations
  • confirm balances with suppliers, at your request
  • analyse balances and open positions
  • collect all the information necessary to prepare the financial statements

You will receive from us a ready-to-sign statement within no more than two weeks of the last documents and information being provided to us.

Financial statements - supplementary services

All members of the Management Board of a company must sign the report electronically. TGC Corporate Lawyers will assist you in obtaining an electronic signature, preparing an Activities Report of the Board of Directors and approving the report by the shareholders.

At your request, we will also prepare financial statement for a day other than the end of the financial year, which may be requested by your bank, insurer, lessor or needed for other purposes.

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Małgorzata Dobrowolska
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