Accounting services for IT

Accounting services for IT companies

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We are experts in providing accounting services to companies operating in the IT sector. We work for technology companies and startups.

Accounting services for IT companies in Poland

We have an excellent understanding of the unique challenges and needs associated with accounting in the new technology sector. With our experience and expertise, we offer comprehensive solutions that help our clients focus on growing their business while we take care of their financial matters.

We offer our accounting services to entities in the IT sector in the broadest sense:

  • Technology companies
  • Start-ups
  • Companies employing programmers and other IT specialists

Accounting for companies in the IT sector - scope of support

As part of our services, we provide comprehensive support to IT companies, also reaching beyond the accounting area.

Example support for IT companies

  • Project cost accounting (fixed price or time and material)
    Accounting services for IT may include close monitoring and accounting of costs associated with individual projects/contracts. This enables accurate tracking of expenditure and provides clients with full control over project finances. We help verify that actual costs are in line with the planned budget, monitor deviations and identify areas for corrective action. We also support cost planning in subsequent accounting periods.
  • Analysis of project and client profitability
    Accounting for project and client profitability in an IT company is important for monitoring and evaluating the company's financial performance and making strategic business decisions. We help identify the optimal indicators for analysis and monitor them on an ongoing basis. We support IT clients in identifying the most profitable projects, as well as those that may need to be optimised or restructured.
  • Analysis of profitability of external (vendors) services and components
    As part of our accounting services, we analyse both the profitability of the services provided by the company and those purchased from external parties, such as the costs of purchasing software/essential components, licence fees, maintenance and support costs, training costs, integration costs or infrastructure maintenance costs.We help to assess the effectiveness of costs in relation to the revenue generated and to verify whether external components contribute to the achievement of business objectives.
  • Accounting for R&D and IP Box relief

    IT companies often invest in R&D for new technologies. We assist in identifying and taking advantage of the tax preferences available to this sector to optimise the tax burden and improve financial efficiency. We support clients in monitoring and accounting for R&D expenses, as well as other innovation-related preferences. We apply for an individual tax interpretation on their behalf and support them in implementing the relief.

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  • Support for international expansion
    We are part of Crowe Global, one of the 10th largest networks of consulting and accounting firms in the world. As part of the network, we provide access to experts from 200 countries. We provide advisory services in the area of choosing the optimal expansion strategy, offering comprehensive support at every stage.
  • Day-to-day advisory services
    Our multidisciplinary team of experts provides IT companies with comprehensive advisory services in the accounting, tax and legal areas. We help optimise processes, ensure compliance and mitigate risks, and support the growth of technology companies.

Accounting services for IT companies in Poland - scope of services

As part of the outsourcing of accounting services for the IT sector, we offer

  • Bookkeeping under the Accounting Act
  • Keeping records of tangible and intangible fixed assets
  • Accounting for grants and subsidies for the development of IT activities
  • Accounting for foreign transactions
  • Contact with the tax authorities
  • Accounting with the tax authorities (CIT, PIT, VAT)
  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Maintenance of records for the purposes of IP-BOX relief

The full range of accounting services in Poland can be found here.

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