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Articling Students

2021 CFE Writers Vancouver and Surrey
2021 Vancouver & Surrey CFE Writers

Crowe MacKay offers a CFE prep program that provides students with the skills and approach needed to successfully navigate the challenging exam.

Our CFE Students have a 98% pass rate, including placing on the National Honor Roll and receiving the Governor General’s Award. Their success is due to our alignment with Densmore, the best prep course in Canada, paired with our training and mentorship program. Our philosophy is everyone can pass, and it’s our role to provide the tools and support for students to achieve CFE success. We ensure that we live this philosophy by providing the following training and support to students:

  • Internal Common Final Examination (CFE) prep course
  • External (Densmore) CFE prep course
  • Internal one on one coaching and mentoring
  • Internal value added one on one marking and feedback on case writing

All Crowe MacKay students are a part of the Crowe MacKay mentorship program. The purpose of this program is to deliver a consistent process to eliminate confusion at the candidate level.

Learn more on Crowe MacKay’s CFE Student Mentorship Program

Looking for an accounting firm that will help you succeed?
We provide the essential elements necessary to achieve your professional accounting designation.
What do I need in order to apply?
We request that all student who apply submit a cover letter, resume, and unofficial transcripts to confirm studies in the fall.
Will I be required to travel to client locations?
Yes, students will be required to travel for audit engagements. All reasonable travel expenses are reimbursed.
Are there mentors available to help me when I have questions?
Crowe MacKay has designed a mentorship program that enables all staff, including students, to excel in their work and develop valuable skills that will set them up for success.
What kind of experience can I expect at Crowe MacKay?
  • Hands on training 
  • Guidance with our mentorship program
  • Very supportive experience from colleagues, which includes articling students to Partners
What are Crowe MacKay’s CFE success rates?
In 2019, our CFE success rate was 98.8%.
Shyrelle Martinez
My journey with Crowe has been nothing short of remarkable. From day one, I've been continuously challenged to push my boundaries and reach new heights in my career. The firm has provided unwavering mentorship, and not only recognizes my passions but actively nurtures them, providing an exceptional environment for my continued personal and professional growth. 
Shyrelle Martinez
Shyrelle Martinez
Staff Accountant, Calgary

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