Crowe MacKay's Mentorship Program

Student Career
| 7/27/2022

Building Relationships, Investing in the Future

At Crowe MacKay, it is our core value to invest in our people. We believe through building relationships we can redefine the accounting industry, creating exceptional leaders for our future.

All Crowe MacKay students are a part of the firm’s mentorship program. The purpose of this program is to deliver a consistent process to provide clarity and build confidence at the candidate level. We do this by:

GroupofPeople Providing a commitment to success that starts with the firm’s executive; 
Handshake Providing every candidate with a mentor who is committed to the firm’s approach;
Calendar Developing standardized study plans to guide candidates throughout the process; 
Clipboard Standardizing candidate tracking sheets to evaluate and improve progress by identifying and remediating weaknesses in a timely manner; 
Thumbsup Marking candidates responses to enable them to calibrate their marking, and provide value added feedback; and
Speech Standardizing key touch points to ensure candidates are provided with consistent support. 
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I truly feel my mentor has my back and is looking out for me. To be able to have that degree of personal connection with another individual in the office when you’re new is great.
Steven Yallits
Student Interview

Our mentors are committed

Every CFE candidate at Crowe MacKay will have a mentor through their study program. We work hard to ensure the mentorship program is adapted for every student’s needs, ensuring candidates are supported throughout their journey with access to the same opportunities, including receiving at least 20 hours of invested mentorship. Crowe MacKay mentors stay with you till the end. This means receiving the technical support to succeed on your exam, as well as the mental health support to stay healthy through the process. We believe in a holistic approach and focus on your mental health throughout your studies. This includes strategies to manage stress and unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the study program. We’re confident that when you do the work, you will pass.

Crowe MacKay’s mentorship program pairs students with an experienced CPA who provides advice on the CFE and guides students towards exam success. Mentors are trained to analyze your case responses, give constructive criticism, and provide support during your CFE study leave. The support I received through the mentorship program was invaluable, as I had an outside party review my case results and pick out patterns I needed to improve to boost my technical knowledge, writing skills, and time management. The real-time feedback was extremely useful in preparing me for the CFE.
Jason Lenz
Articling Student Mentorship

Consistency is key

Together, with your mentor, you will follow a schedule of key dates that will connect all Crowe MacKay students across northern and western Canada. While our teams span across eight offices, we work tirelessly to create a connected community dedicated to success. This includes students receiving timely feedback on all practice exams, and even goes as far as how your CFE Binder is prepared. Opportunity is equal for all candidates.

Currently, I am a mentor in Crowe MacKay’s mentorship program. When I was a student, I was provided with so much support during the process I wanted to give back after making it through. Our firm’s culture only further encouraged me to become a mentor as I am often reminded to “give back” as I move along with my career.  
Gavin Dhami
Students Woman Smiling

Accountable to your success

While we provide students with the tools to succeed, we empower you to be accountable to your success. You will learn the importance of communication and implement strategies with your mentor as you progress through the program. Our team will engage you to critically think throughout your studies as you debrief concepts and execute related action items. Through every module and exam, you will track your success - this is how you will set your goals. In identifying your areas of strength and those which require more attention, you and your mentor will set realistic goals by focusing on one or two action items at a time. You will begin to see results in real time.

Partnering with excellence

CFE candidates not only receive mentorship from Crowe MacKay professionals but also training from Canada’s leading CPA education provider, Densmore. The Densmore CFE Prep program provides excellence in teaching consisting of online case-based training and supplemental online sessions in preparing students for their Capstone courses and CFE. You will be equipped with Densmore’s study schedule and resources including workbooks, online tax technical refresher, in depth sessions, and a video conference with Densmore trainers allowing you to address and refocus on any problem areas in the final two weeks of studying. We’re committed to building a team of support around you to help you achieve your first career milestone.

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