For anyone considering a secondment opportunity within any of the Crowe offices, my advice is this: do it.

Crowe MacKay is proud to offer the opportunity for staff to work across the Crowe Global network. Secondments, as they’re known, allow for Crowe Global member firms to share resources during their busy seasons ensuring all Crowe clients receive exceptional care and service.

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What is a secondment?
A secondment is a period of time which an employee from one organization temporarily moves to another. 
Who is eligible for an accounting secondment opportunity?
Crowe MacKay largely sends students from our participating offices on secondments; however, there are times where the hosting office requires a higher-level candidate. In those cases, we will select and send a more experienced team member on the secondment.
Are secondment positions paid?
Yes, all secondment positions are paid.
How do I apply for a secondment opportunity with Crowe MacKay?
Typically, if you are interested in applying for a secondment position, you must first talk to your office's Managing Director.
Do I have any say on where I go for my secondment?
Staff who wish to apply for a secondment position can sometimes make requests as to where they go, but it is not guaranteed as secondment positions become available based on the needs of the hosting office. 
How long does a secondment typically last?
Secondment positions typically last two to four months.
What costs do I need to cover when leaving for a secondment?
Successful secondment candidates do not require to cover any costs of departure. Travel insurance will also be secured by the home office prior to travel.
Can my secondment position become a permanent position?
Crowe MacKay offers this exchange of talent to meet the changing demand of work and is NOT intended to lead to a permanent position. 
Which Crowe MacKay offices offer secondment opportunities?
Crowe MacKay’s Kelowna, West Coast, and Yellowknife offices offer staff the chance to depart on a secondment.
Where does Crowe MacKay send staff for external secondment opportunities?
Crowe MacKay offers both Canadian and international secondment opportunities. Canadian assignments are primarily in Montreal while our international secondment offerings are largely in Australia.

Benefits of a Secondment

Secondment Benefits


During my co-op term with Crowe MacKay, I experienced the firm’s commitment to professional development and mentorship first-hand. I returned to Crowe full-time after graduation and continue to be well-supported in the pursuit of my CPA designation, as well as my long-term career goals. 

- Jacob Noullett

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