Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting

What is Forensic Accounting?

Forensic accounting is a specialty field investigating possible white-collar crimes that are committed through accounting and auditing procedures. Certified Fraud Examiners investigate possible cases of insurance fraud, embezzlement, banking crimes, and other accounting discrepancies with commercial enterprises and personal disputes. Crowe MacKay LLP’s Certified Fraud Examiners have expertise in looking far beyond the numbers, assisting clients and their legal teams achieve their desired outcome.

Our Forensic Accounting Services

In forensic accounting, discovering inconsistencies is more of an art form than a numbers game

Crowe MacKay offers a suite of forensic accounting services. Clients benefit from the advice of our trusted Certified Fraud Examiners, allowing them to make smart decisions that create lasting value. Whether you’re looking to resolve a dispute, are in a legal battle, or want to gain a fuller picture of your situation through numbers, our experts are dedicated to supporting you and your success.

Criminal/Civil Investigations and Examinations

Forensic accounting can be used to discover whether a crime occurred and assess the likelihood of criminal intent. Criminal investigation situations our team of experts can help with includes employee theft, securities fraud, falsification of financial statement information, identify theft, or insurance fraud.

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Dispute Resolution

When dealing with a complex commercial dispute or if you are involved in litigation, the expert opinion of a forensic accountant is strongly encouraged. If faced with a challenging commercial litigation, international  arbitration, or an alternate dispute resolution process, our team of trusted advisors are highly trained and experienced in guiding you through the process.

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Matrimonial Matters

Our forensic accountants can help with a number of matrimonial matters. Whether you need a net-worth statement, rough analysis to valuate a business, thorough review of income tax returns or assistance in discovering other assets that may be hidden or unmentioned by the other party, our advisors are here to help you understand the full-picture. 

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Insurance Claims

When an insurance claim is contentious or complex the assistance of a forensic accountant can prove to be invaluable in measuring the degree of loss incurred. Our team understands insurance contracts and their application, offering sound accounting and financial analysis with the ability to present findings, financial evidence, and opinions to a court’s standard. Whether you are facing a business interruption claim, damaged assets, a construction loss, or liability, our dedicated team will work with you to achieve your desired outcome.

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Prevention and Deterrence

Searching for a way to prevent and deter potential acts of fraud? Utilize the specialities of our team, we can conduct internal control assessments, find where your company is most vulnerable to theft, review your company’s accounting processes, identify weaknesses, and offer recommendations to mitigate the risk of theft - keeping your organization safe and secure. 

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Financial Transactions and Fraud Schemes

Not everything is easy to see. If you suspect you’re being schemed in either a financial transaction or fraud, it’s time to get the help of a forensic accountant. Our team of experts will work tirelessly to find the answers you’re looking for. To get an understanding of the complete picture our team will:

  • gather evidence and investigate suspected fraudulent activity;
  • conduct business reviews;
  • reconstruct financial records and look into any discrepancy;
  • review pertinent financial records and correspondences to uncover data; and
  • uncover potential weaknesses in internal controls, processes, and documenting irregularities.

Crowe MacKay’s team of forensic accountants will work to resolve suspicions of accounting fraud committed by employees, directors or company officers. 

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Interviewing and Reporting

Plan to succeed by utilizing our interviewing and reporting services. Effective interviews gather and synthesis essential details related to your case and offers sound evidence to your suspected fraudulent activity. Our team is strategic in their interviewing and reporting activities and can quickly determine how to conduct an investigation, narrow the breadth of the investigative plan, and gather helpful information from interviewees, increasing the likelihood of overall success in discovering and proving fraud or misconduct.

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Litigation Support

Law firms and corporate legal departments rely on Crowe MacKay to gather evidence and present their expert testimony to make a compelling argument in court and before arbitral tribunals. Our team works closely with their clienteles legal counsel to clearly define all expectations of the working relationship. Whether it’s a breach of contract; a shareholder dispute; a claim of allegation of fraudulent activity; the pursuit of damages or loss of profits; a post acquisition dispute; or an intellectual property dispute; our forensic accountants provide clients with the vital tools required to achieve their desired outcome.

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Computers and Technology 

Today’s business world increasingly relies on digital technologies to operate. Under the scope of Computer and Technology, our team of expert forensic accountants provides data mining and analytics, eDiscovery, and computer forensics services. By employing advanced statistical and data mining techniques, we turn data into evidence. With our tactics, we uncover hidden data as well as patterns and anomalies that would have been otherwise hidden. Crowe MacKay provides value to their clients by assisting them in working through investigations where technology is a key component. 

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Expert Witness Services

Our team will deliver the truth behind the numbers and provide unparallel service to you. With our expert witness services, our team offers an in-depth assessment of financial issues and concerns within the context of litigation. This service provides as useful in the face of fraudulent financial statements, accounting malpractice, embezzlement, employee theft, financial reporting fraud, tax returns, loss prevention, CPA malpractice, business fraud, and other forms of white-collar crimes related to accounting and financial issues.

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Loss/Damage Qualification

Our team is experienced in investigation and calculating economic losses related to personal injury matters, income replacement benefit entitlements, business interruption losses, and corporate damage quantification - for both settlement and court purposes. Whether you have sustained a loss in wages, earnings, profits, value, future earning potential, or damage to real and personal property, a qualified forensic accountant can provide you with the professional expertise needed to assess and calculate economic damages incurred.

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Forensic Accounting Team

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