Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting

Knowing how to discover inconsistencies in balance sheets, bank accounts, and expense reports is arguably more an art form than a numbers game.

Forensic accounting is a specialty field investigating possible white-collar crimes that are committed through accounting and auditing procedures. Certified Fraud Examiners investigate possible cases of insurance fraud, embezzlement, banking crimes, and other accounting discrepancies with commercial enterprises. Crowe MacKay LLP’s Certified Fraud Examiners have expertise in fraud prevention, detection, and deterrence, and use a combination of skill set and knowledge of complex financial transactions and law to investigate fraud allegations.  

Our Services:

  • Conducting business reviews and evaluating the practicality of financial statements 
  • Investigating suspected fraudulent activity and gathering evidence
  •  Interviewing witnesses and suspects and obtaining information
  • Assisting with the protection and recovery of assets
  • Reconstructing financial records and investigating discrepancies
  • Performing a comprehensive review of all pertinent financial records and business correspondences and analyzing uncovered data
  • Calculating financial loss and how it transpired
  • Determining income loss related to motor vehicle accidents
  • Tracing funds and assets to assist parties involved in matrimonial disputes
  • Identifying potential weaknesses in internal controls and processes and documenting irregularities
  • Preparing a report to summarize all findings and articulating a plan of action
  • Helping companies resolve issues when there is suspicion that accounting fraud has been committed by employees, directors or company officers.

Forensic Accounting Team

Daniel Sturgess
Daniel Sturgess
Partner, Incorporated
Derek Lai
Partner, Incorporated
Senior Vice President, Crowe MacKay & Company Ltd.
Russ Law
Russell Law
Partner, Incorporated
President, Crowe MacKay & Company LTD

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