Co-Op Students at Crowe MacKay

Co-op/Summer Interships

Join us to fast track your career.

Crowe MacKay will help you develop the skills and knowledge to address client issues with confidence. Our students continue with successful careers in public practice or become industry leaders.

At Crowe MacKay, we grow within.

Many of our Partners have trained and developed from within our firm, a testament to our commitment and focus on developing strong professionals.

Our training and hands-on experience in a wide variety of industries will provide you with a spectrum of skills allowing you to become knowledgeable in all aspects of business, from small home-based businesses to large, private enterprises, not for profit organizations, and publicly traded companies

The offices of Crowe MacKay LLP are dedicated to the on-going training and development of accounting professionals. We are committed to providing high-quality practical experience and day-to-day training that are essential elements in the achievement of an accounting designation.

The most rewarding part of doing my co-op at Crowe MacKay is the hands-on experience with the software, processes, and being in a professional work environment that I will see in my future career. It’s been incredibly valuable to see firsthand how the entire office operates together and to learn what public accounting is really like. I wouldn’t have gotten that experience any other way. Crowe MacKay has allowed me, even in my Co-op student position, to feel like I’m contributing to what the team is trying to achieve every day.

- Steven Yallits
Looking for an accounting firm that will help you succeed?
We provide the essential elements necessary to achieve your professional accounting designation.
What do I need in order to apply?
We request that all students who apply submit a cover letter, resume, and unofficial transcripts to confirm studies in the fall.
How long are the co-op/summer Internships?
Our offices offer positions in January and/or May. Check our current listings for more details.
When do you hire for co-op/summer Internships?
Most of our offices hire students to start in January. 
Do I need to be in a co-op student program to apply for a summer student Internship role?
To apply for Crowe MacKay’s summer student Internship roles you do not need to be a student in a co-op program.
Does summer employment lead to a full-time position?
These positions can often lead to full-time positions.
Can I negotiate my summer job's start and end dates?
We do offer some flexibility; however, in most cases start and end dates are quite firm. 
Can I take vacation or a few days off during my summer employment?
Yes, students will accrue vacation and overtime throughout their term and can use those hours for vacation and days off. 
Are there mentors available to help me when I have questions?

Crowe MacKay has designed a mentorship program that enables all staff, including students, to excel in their work and develop valuable skills that will set them up for success.

Learn more about our firm’s mentorship program.

What kind of experience can I expect at Crowe MacKay?

Students at Crowe MacKay will receive extensive experience in a wide variety of services and industries. 

Crowe MacKay is dedicated to clients and providing excellent quality. I feel that being a part of this culture has helped me learn better time management, prioritization of tasks, and perseverance in putting the time in to complete work; all of which can be transferable in helping me succeed as a student.

- Krissy Lenz

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