Tax Tools

Tax Tools

Find useful tax resources to help maximize your tax planning opportunities and pay the minimum required by law.

Harness the Waves of Tax Opportunities

Our trusted advisors provide expert navigation to helpful tax strategies

We understand the overwhelming amount of information our clients are required to know when filing their taxes. Our tax team is dedicated to their practice, staying up-to-date with current tax regulations and laws, ensuring your personal and business tax needs are met. With the expertise of our tax team, you can be confident your decisions will create lasting value for you and your business. 

2023 Fillable Client Tax Forms

We’re saving time (& trees too!).

Select the forms you require from the library below to complete your tax return. Simply download, fill electronically, and submit to your Crowe MacKay trusted advisor.

Tax Checklist – Your Map to Savings

Don't overlook the importance of our tax checklist. It's your compass to ensure you have all the necessary documentation for your trust Crowe MacKay advisor. This allows use to complete your tax return accurately and efficiently, saving you in fees. Cast your nets wide and gather the right documents with ease.

Download the Tax Checklist


Contact your Crowe MacKay advisor or call your Crowe office directly at 1 (844) 522 7693.

Navigating Tax Rates

Learn what rate your income is taxed in Alberta, British Columbia, Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon with Crowe MacKay's Tax Rate Cards.

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