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Succession Retirement  and Estate Planning 

We believe in planning for the future.

The professionals at Crowe MacKay LLP can provide you with strategic planning to ensure the future of your business and personal affairs are in good hands. We understand the financial, management, and forensic accounting procedures required while working with you to balance family dynamics and individual circumstances. 

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  • Owner/management succession planning
  • Estate and tax planning
  • Business valuations
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Business and strategic planning
  • Testimonial
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Succession Planning
Retirement and Estate Planning
Succession Planning

Business owners always have many accounting and financial questions surrounding the succession of their business. At some point, you will be ready to pass it on to the next generation, transition the operations to key employees, or sell outright to a third party. As an unbiased outside advisor, we can assist you in evaluating alternative solutions and creating a succession plan alongside financial succession audit reports, financial risk analyses, and legal considerations that are appropriate for your unique situation. The development and implementation of an effective succession plan will provide you with assurance that your business will have a long and prosperous future. By tackling succession planning today, you can control the transition difficulties that could delay, or even prevent, an orderly transition in the future.

Retirement and Estate Planning

The true value in any retirement plan is knowledge. We believe the process of planning is just as important as the actual plan itself: collecting information, discussing priorities, making decisions, and committing to future objectives. Truly understanding your financial situation and being able to clearly state your retirement goals is the first step. Our professionals have the experience and expertise to help our clients sort through their retirement issues, determine objectives, and create an individualized retirement plan. We work to build relationships, allowing us to offer the best solutions for you. As life and business changes occur, we’re right there with you to adjust your plan as needed.

Our team works with you to create plans for your retirement and the gifts you will leave for loved ones. You’ve worked hard to be successful and want to see that success benefit future generations. Assets don’t just automatically pass from one generation to the next; there are taxes, estate costs, and other factors that can impair your financial legacy if not secured through proper retirement planning.


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Succession Planning Lead
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Don Turri
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Dan Basso
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