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Navigating risk, so you don't have to.

Crowe MacKay LLP offers cost effective financial risk management solutions and financial risk analysis services through Crowe Global, the eighth largest accounting network in the world. As a member of Crowe Global we have access to industry leading resources. Coupled with our regional accounting and risk management expertise throughout our offices in Northern and Western Canada, we provide the best advice and service for financial risk aversion in any industry.

Whether public or private, large or small, we help companies across a variety of services manage risk by providing clear solutions with highly specialized areas of financial risk expertise. Crowe MacKay’s top business risk analyzers and consultants have years of experience in developing, planning, and implementing effective risk management tools and techniques. We design risk management reports to augment your company’s financial health, protect against the damage of potential financial liabilities, guide your organization through risk forecasting strategies, and strengthen your company in times of various financial crisis situations.

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Seraphina Kim
Seraphina Kim
Director, Advisory Services