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Cybercrime Vulnerability Scorecard

Understand your organisation’s cybercrime vulnerability and identify the steps necessary to strengthen its security.

Jim Gee
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We have developed a free-to-use Cybercrime Vulnerability Scorecard in collaboration with the Centre for Counter Fraud Studies at University of Portsmouth.

The scorecard is a unique digital self-assessment tool to help organisations better understand and manage their susceptibility to cyberattacks. It includes 23 short questions about your organisation’s:

  • attractiveness to cyber criminals
  • potential damage in event of a cyber breach
  • strength/weakness of cyber security and resilience.

Once complete, you will receive a bespoke risk report, identifying weaknesses in your systems and offering pre-emptive solutions.

Complete your Cybercrime Vulnerability Scorecard 

Cybercrime and fraud are among the nation’s most common criminal offences, with new threats to organisations emerging and evolving all the time. Where they do occur, breaches can be exceptionally costly, not only in terms of the financial impact but also in terms of reputation, where sensitive data is concerned. In many cases losses from fraud have been irrecoverable, putting organisations at serious risk of bankruptcy.

For more information on cybercrime and to discuss measures to strengthen your organisation’s security, please contact Jim Gee.

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Jim Gee
Jim Gee
Consultant, Forensic Services