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Short-term business visitors

Are you tracking and monitoring the movement of your people?

Nicky Owen, Partner, Head of Professional Practices
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UK firms with short-term business visitors working temporarily in the UK are required to operate PAYE tax on the visitors’ total pay while in the UK or obtain a short-term business visitor (STBV) agreement from HMRC.

The key to dealing with STBVs is to ensure that you are taking reasonable steps to monitor and track the movement of your people.

What are the implications if I do not take any action?

Failure to take action could mean your firm is exposed to penalties and interest for the non-operation of PAYE. Firms who have STBVs and have not yet put an agreement in place should do so as soon as possible to mitigate potential interest and penalties for failing to operate PAYE correctly.

How can we help?

Contact us if you would like to discuss STBV agreements in more detail. We can advise your firm on the following:

  • tracking and monitoring workers' presence in the UK
  • understanding your obligations regarding STBVs
  • your annual reporting requirements
  • identifying potential PAYE exposure for earlier years
  • assessing the need to make a disclosure in relation to earlier years.

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Nicky Owen
Nicky Owen
Head of Professional Practices