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Eight hallmarks of a risk aware Charity

Naziar Hashemi, Partner, National Head of Social Purpose and Non Profit
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How can charities get the most from their risk management?

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Our experience of working with charities that are at the forefront in all these areas has led us to identify certain hallmarks of risk aware organisations.
  • A risk aware charity has a clear strategy and effective governance.
  • A risk aware charity links strategy to risk management.
  • A risk aware charity horizon scans and anticipates beyond the current strategic plan.
  • A risk aware charity understands the need to take risks and innovate.
  • In a risk aware charity risk appetite/tolerance is articulated and understood.
  • A risk aware charity embeds risk management at all levels with the right tone set at the top.
  • A risk aware charity understands the need for assurance and performance management and builds these into the process.
  • A risk aware charity communicates effectively.

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Naziar Hashemi
Naziar Hashemi
Head of Social Purpose and Non Profits