Robert Marchant

Robert Marchant

Partner, VAT and Customs Duty services

I am the head of corporate VAT and lead our VAT work with corporate businesses and professional partnerships.

I focus on advising multinational companies on the VAT implications of supply chain and business model restructuring including dealing with indirect tax risks, margin improvement, improving VAT compliance and achieving process efficiencies.

I have a leading role with Crowe's global indirect tax network and I am a member of our European indirect tax committee. I am also a regular contributor of 'thought leadership' materials and have written articles for various national tax and trade publication including articles on the indirect tax aspects of Brexit and an opportunity for the UK to reinstate Free Trade Zones in the UK.

What I Do

  • VAT
  • Indirect tax risks
  • Margin improvement
  • Improving VAT compliance
  • Process and control efficiencies

My Clients

  • Consumer goods
  • Digital services
  • Professional services
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Natural resources
  • Shipping
  • Construction
  • Specialism in luxury assets, such as private jets and superyachts


  • Member of the ICAEW.