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The Art of Smart

The success factors consistent in smart decision-making

art of smart
The Art of Smart is the most comprehensive study of corporate decision-making, exploring smart decisions that deliver lasting value around the world.

Helping clients make smart decisions that create lasting value is at the heart of everything we do. One of the most prevalent challenges for business leaders is how to ensure decision-making is efficient, effective and driving growth in what for many, is an uncertain environment. Through The Art of Smart we share expert opinion from inside and outside of Crowe to provide vital and actionable insight to leaders, wherever they do business.

We Need To Talk About Growth Metrics: What Does Success Mean Moving Forward?

Measuring resilience and sustainability is challenging, but businesses that prioritize people and the planet are likely to be tomorrow's champions.
The boardroom conversation must now be about whether the overarching values of an organization that drove growth as a measure of success yesterday are the same today and tomorrow.
David Mellor
Crowe Global