Our History

International Presence... A century in the making 

Crowe Global History

1915  – Horwath&Horwath established in New York  by two immigrants from Budapest – Edmond and ErnestHorwath.               Business focussed on food and lodging sector.

1921 – Reputation in market grows. Launch leading accountancy publications ‘Alarm Clock’ and ‘Food Market List’                    and ‘Hotel Accounting. Firm continues to grow.

1924 – Established a university training programme for accountants in the hospitality sector.

1950s – Diversify into healthcare. Accounting, audit and tax established.

1960 – Horwath & Horwath International established to develop international business and relationships throughout                  member firms. Consulting services formally offered to clients.

1963 – 21 member firms, 21 countries, 15 offices in the US, 4 offices in Latin America.

1967 – Merger with Laventhol Krekstein Griffith & Co – becoming Laventhol & Horwath. First international annual                      meeting – 30 member firms, 30 countries – regional groups formed.

1972 – 13th largest international accounting organisation in the world

1984 – International tax planning manual published.

1989 – Firm name simplified to Horwath International.

1991 – Crowe Chizek, a Midwest accounting firm, joined the network.

1992 – EU formed. Network expands into new market – Eastern Europe.

1994 – First international accounting organisation to have a Chinese member firm.

1996 -- Horwath ACF was created  since then has grown to become one of the best accounting firm in Tunisia.

2001 – Development of Pinnacle brand identity.

2005 – Over 100 member firms and nearly 20,000 people across the globe.

2008 – Member firms voted to change the firm’s name to Crowe Horwath international.

2016 – 750 offices in 130 countries with 33,000 people. 9th largest accounting network in the world.

2017 – Crowe Horwath network grows to become the 8th largest network in the world with over 765 offices in 130                    countries and 35,000 people. 

        -- Cabinet Zahaf & Associés and Horwath ACF in synergy under the signature of crowe Global.

2018 – David Mellor from UK representative firm takes over from Kevin McGrath as CEO  of the network and member              firms voted again to change the firm’s name to Crowe  Global.