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Established by Horwath & Horwath in 1915, Crowe Global, ranked as the eighth largest global accounting network, now consists of more than 200 independent accounting and advisory services firms in close to 130 countries around the world. 
International Presence... A century in the making 

Crowe Global History

1915  – Horwath&Horwath established in New York  by two immigrants from Budapest – Edmond and ErnestHorwath.               Business focussed on food and lodging sector.

1921 – Reputation in market grows. Launch leading accountancy publications ‘Alarm Clock’ and ‘Food Market List’                    and ‘Hotel Accounting. Firm continues to grow.

1924 – Established a university training programme for accountants in the hospitality sector.

1950s – Diversify into healthcare. Accounting, audit and tax established.

1960 – Horwath & Horwath International established to develop international business and relationships throughout                  member firms. Consulting services formally offered to clients.

1963 – 21 member firms, 21 countries, 15 offices in the US, 4 offices in Latin America.

1967 – Merger with Laventhol Krekstein Griffith & Co – becoming Laventhol & Horwath. First international annual                      meeting – 30 member firms, 30 countries – regional groups formed.

1972 – 13th largest international accounting organisation in the world

1984 – International tax planning manual published.

1989 – Firm name simplified to Horwath International.

1991 – Crowe Chizek, a Midwest accounting firm, joined the network.

1992 – EU formed. Network expands into new market – Eastern Europe.

1994 – First international accounting organisation to have a Chinese member firm.

1996 -- Horwath ACF was created  since then has grown to become one of the best accounting firm in Tunisia.

2001 – Development of Pinnacle brand identity.

2005 – Over 100 member firms and nearly 20,000 people across the globe.

2008 – Member firms voted to change the firm’s name to Crowe Horwath international.

2016 – 750 offices in 130 countries with 33,000 people. 9th largest accounting network in the world.

2017 – Crowe Horwath network grows to become the 8th largest network in the world with over 765 offices in 130                    countries and 35,000 people. 

        -- Cabinet Zahaf & Associés and Horwath ACF in synergy under the signature of crowe Global.

2018 – David Mellor from UK representative firm takes over from Kevin McGrath as CEO  of the network and member              firms voted again to change the firm’s name to Crowe  Global.